Friday, May 1, 2009

Are we witnessing history, and better yet, will we all survive it?!

Another epic battle took place last night between the Celtics and Bulls in Chicago. The two teams battled back and forth for 48 minutes, only to find out that wasn't enough time. Three overtimes later, Chicago ended up squeaking out a 1 point victory. Ray Allen scored a game high 51 points, including 9 three pointers, while Rondo nearly had another triple double in the loss. It all comes down to game 7 in Boston. Nichole and I tried hard to get tickets all morning, both through some connections we have, as well as via ticketmaster (they dropped some new tix for Game 7 online today) and craigslist, but found nothing that was reasonably priced, and by reasonably, I mean less than around $150 per ticket, in the nose bleeds section. We were able to find a suite that could hold up to 18 people for $3000, but we would be hard pressed to find that many people willing to drop that kind of cash at the last minute. Needless to say, sounds like we are watching it from home. What an amazing series it has been though!

Gonna be a wild and crazy weekend, with the Bruins playing tonight and Sunday, the Celtics playing tomorrow night, and the Red Sox and Rays playing all weekend. I hope to get a little sleep leading up to our trip to Vegas next Wednesday!