Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post election thoughts, as I struggle to stay awake...

What a crazy past couple of months this has been.  Nichole announced her intention to run for the Maine House of Representatives back in the spring, we launched Maine Beer Tours back in late summer, and we are already very busy people.  It's been a whirlwind year.  Now that the election is behind us, I may have a moment or two to reflect and plan a path ahead for 2013.  Until then, I just want to spend a couple of minutes climbing up on a soap box, so, yeah, enjoy.

First of all, Nichole's election didn't go as we had hoped.  Let's be honest, Democrats don't often win in our district.  It's also very difficult to beat an incumbent.  The odds were definitely stacked against her, but that didn't stop her, not even for a second.  That amazing wife of mine worked her tail off, knocked on doors, attended events, and shook more hands than I could possibly count.  Her body would ache, her sleep schedule was thrown way out of whack, and every spare minute she had was filled.  Despite the many reasons to get discouraged or distracted, she never lost her smile, her determination, or her drive.  Words don't even begin to describe how proud I am of her.  She would have been an amazing representative for the people of New Gloucester, Durham and Lisbon, but now was not her time.  Have no fear, we'll keep all of those signs in a safe place, we haven't heard the last of her just yet.

As for the presidential race, American decided that 4 more years of President Obama sounded better than even a day from Mitt Romney.  Now, it's very clear that we are a divided nation.  With a very close to 50/50 split, President Obama squeaked out a victory.  I've already seen a number of people going on and on about how America will now implode, or that the administration is coming to your house to take everything you have, or that every small business will now close.  Guys, come on.  I know that people like attention, or like to be dramatic, but slow down a second.  For all of you out there that are calling the president a Marxist or Socialist, or whatever other ridiculous name you have for him, can I point out that many Democrats think he has been too moderate.  I get that many of you don't agree with his policies.  I didn't agree with many of Bush's policies, I understand.  That said, wishing for failure from this president, or refusing to work with him, or doing everything in your power to make him look bad does nothing to further us as a country.  If he fails, we fail.  If he succeeds, we succeed.  We need to put our nonsensical bullshit aside and work together. 

It's insulting to me to read so many posts about all of the "idiot Americans" who only vote for Obama because they want "free cell phones" and other handouts.  The majority of my friends happen to be Democrats, and each and every one of them work their ass off for what they have.  I, personally, run a small business, work full time, have a growing list of clients I work with on the side, volunteer my time to various organizations and serve on the Board of Selectmen in New Gloucester.  I work myself to the bone every single day to put food on the table, and to teach my daughter how important hard work is.  Our new business, Maine Beer Tours, was started during President Obama's first term, and will not only continue through his second term, but it will grow and flourish.  I was always taught that hard work and determination pays off, and it is true.  I don't worry about which political party is in charge at the state or federal level, that has no bearing on my decision making process.  If my business ideas are good, they will succeed.  If they are not well thought out, they will be doomed.  That is on me, not somebody else.

To wrap this up with a pretty bow on it, let us all do the right thing and work together.  I don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat.  I don't care if you are male or female, young or old.  We need to put our petty differences aside, cut the bullshit, and work together.  We do it every day at work, at school, or on the field.  We don't win without teamwork, and that holds true in all walks of life.  Let's focus on what is good, and make a plan to move the country, and our state, in that direction.  If we want to teach the next generation what it takes to be great, let's act like adults, and do what is right, not what is politically beneficial to our party or our brand.  I'm just saying...