Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday hogwash...

Here we sit, just a few days away from the fat man delivering us presents. Christmas snuck up pretty quick this year, I'm not going to lie. Fortunately, Marcole was prepared, and we won't be racing around Thursday and Friday finishing up everything. Now, perhaps I just dropped my cards in the mail about 10 minutes ago, but hey, we did them! It's always been a little difficult for me to fully get into the spirit when there is no snow on the ground, it just doesn't seem like it is possible to be late December already. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for snow, I just find it harder to be mentally prepared for Christmas. However, since we are so close, I've found myself spending some time recently trying to figure out how in the hell we all believed the crazy story of Santa Claus. Let's break it all down...

A fat man in a red suit lives in the North Pole, has tiny elves that make all the toys for the kids, and when Christmas comes, he puts everything in his sleigh and flies all over the world to climb down each families chimney and deliver presents with the help of reindeer. I don't think there is a single part of that story that makes sense. Why, even though we were just kids, did we not ask more questions?!

There are, what, 6 or 7 billion children worldwide? How many elves work up in the North Pole? And why are they short? Do short people work harder or faster, or is it that Santa wants to ensure that he is the biggest guy, so people don't forget he is in charge? And where do all these pointy eared shorties get all their toy making smarts? I mean, as a kid I remember getting a television one year. Nowadays kids are getting cell phones, iPods, Wii's and many other advanced electronics. Where did the elves learn to make all those crazy things?

Lets say that there are 6 or 7 billion children in the world. How in the hell would all those presents fit in one stinking sleigh, and how in the world would it fly?! I was a gullible little bastard! Speaking of the sleigh, how did the concept of reindeer flying come about? Really?! Flying reindeer? Why not birds, or even unicorns?! At least they fly. Reindeer, not so much. And Rudolph with a glowing nose, was he sniffing around a nuclear waste spot? How did he get a red, glowing nose? And how fast did they go in order to make it all over the world in one night? I guess my limited knowledge of time zones was how I justified it in my head?!

When delivering presents, Santa, who is fat, slides down the chimney to enter the house. First of all, a fat man is not fitting down a chimney. A skinny man isn't fitting down most chimneys. And what about people that live in apartment buildings that don't have a fire place with a chimney for Santa to climb down? You leave the door unlocked in the projects and you won't have presents delivered, you'll have all your shit removed!

Milk and cookies. Were did that start? Why not chips and dip and a beer? If I were Santa, I would want people to leave me grilled cheese sandwiches and PBR. I might be drunk by the end of the night, but it would make for an interesting night! And how the heck could one person possibly eat something from every home he visits? I guess that explains why he is fat. He must also be diabetic too!

It's funny, looking back, I wonder why I didn't question things a little more. I think it was because I was duped for so long, I just wanted to believe it was all real. That was always one of the joys of Christmas, believing that Santa was coming to deliver presents to my sister and I. I'm hoping my daughter never stops believing, it is what makes Christmas so much fun to me. Which reminds me, time to drop her letter to Santa, that she just gave me this morning, in the mail! I'm just saying...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holy crap, snow!

Alright, wow. I mean, seriously, wow. One hour and ten minutes to drive from the parking garage at the Portland Harbor Hotel to Howie's Pub on Veranda Street, just off Washington Ave. I'm pretty sure I could have walked it quicker, but no, I was driving. Now, I have lived in Maine all of my "driving years", and no matter how much or how little it is snowing, the concept is still the same. Slow it down a bit, give a little extra room between yourself and the car in front of you, and don't drive like a jackass. Well, tomorrow may just go down in history as the largest shit show on snow that there ever was.

It started to snow late in the afternoon yesterday, and despite the weather people actually predicting it, a large number of people were completely unprepared and collectively shit in their pants. I left the office at 5:40 to pick up my beautiful wife in Monument Square and then head over to Howie's Pub for 2-1 pizza and cheap ass Rolling Rocks. I had no idea what I was getting myself into until I rounded the corner on the back side of $3 Dewey's and saw traffic at a stand still in every direction. Something must have happened, there was maybe 3 inches of snow, it's not like that many Mainers can't drive in a little snow. Shit, in The County, that is a dusting, and might even happen in July. This is nothing.

Well, apparently in the time that passed since our last snowfall, last spring, everyone completely forgot how to drive in the fluffy white stuff. It took me nearly 5 minutes to pull out of the parking garage, and of course I'm directly behind the dumb ass in a tiny car with 4 bald tires. Quick note to those of you who don't have a vehicle that is good in the snow, don't slam on the gas, that doesn't help you. This foolish broad was just dropping the hammer on the gas pedal and all she was doing was making the roads more slick, and further hampering her attempt to move forward. Finally, after about another 10 minutes, we make it up past the light on Fore Street, and I'm all the way up next to Walters. Sitting. Waiting. Swearing. Unfortunately I'm still stuck behind the brainiac with bald tires, and we have a steeper incline, awesome!

At this point, people are all over the road, so there is really no way for me, in my SUV, to sneak past them while they search their memory bank for a way to get their car moving. Before I go any further, I'm going to make a quick plug for my buddy Nick and his business Tire 2 You. Check him out, he is great! Anyway, I finally have enough room to sneak past this stupid car and people push her up the hill and she stays in front of me, damnit! Now I'm up by the Nickelodeon Theater, and it's been probably 25 minutes.

Anyways, I could continue to tell you about the entire drive, but I think you get the picture at this point. Several things I learned and feel the need to share with the fine drivers or Greater Portland and beyond. If you don't have snow tires and need them, get them (Call NICK!). If you have snow tires and you are still having a difficult time, get a new car. If the light is red, don't try to make it through and get stuck in the middle of the intersection, that makes a freaking mess and screws everyone over. Oh, and remember, we live in Maine, you've been through this before. There is absolutely no reason for 3 inches of snow, that the meteorologists told us we were going to get, should cause any sort of traffic issues. Here's hoping the next storm brings less congestion and confusion, oh, and less rage! I'm just saying...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just to clear things up...

Last night was the first annual "**** ******'* Family Reunion", which was a gathering of past and present employees, as well as regulars. Another former employee and I were chatting a month or so ago, and thought it would be fun to get everyone together and catch up. Many of us have remained very close, hanging out on weekends, continuing to work together at other establishments and getting together for random parties and other events. As we have all continued to grow, whether it is in a career, relationship, school or family, we have continued to remain in touch, but getting everyone together has been difficult. This was simply a wonderful opportunity to bring our "family" together and enjoy each others company for a few hours.

Well, what was intended to be a friendly gathering quickly turned into something it wasn't, all based on a phrase that was, quite honestly, a joke. See, there is a reason many of us are former employees of this establishment. While we loved working together, enjoyed what we were doing, and had some of the best customers in town, there was something always bringing us down. I'm not here to bad mouth anybody, and I'm certainly not holding ill will or a grudge. To be honest, that is the furthest thing from my mind as I was setting this gathering up. True, I wasn't a fan of the boss, I'm not going to lie. It is my opinion that an owner hires the right people, they make his/her business successful, and he/she rewards them. It doesn't have to be monetarily, it can simply be a pat on the back or an encouraging word or high five from time to time. What I have never understood is why an owner continuously looks for faults in people and never gives credit where credit is due. This was the norm here, and it wore on people.

Anyways, back to last night. I set up an invite on Facebook several weeks ago, sending it to a couple dozen past and present employees, and they mentioned it to others that were not originally included. We were all meeting up at Bayside Bowl for some bowling, beers and to enjoy each others company for a few hours. Well, in the process some messages were sent around and the now infamous term was coined, as a joke. Like I have previously mentioned, this great group of people share a common bond, many of us met each other either at this establishment, or directly because of it. I'm talking life long friendships, too. There was another common bond for many of us as well, but certainly not all. There was a general dislike for our former employer, and that is why many of us are no longer there. No big deal, right?

Well, it turns out someone didn't like where we went with all this joking, and took it upon themselves to turn it into a bigger deal than it ever should have been. I should be talking about all the fun we had last night. However, here I am, letting people know that some peoples panties need to be slowly removed from their rear ends, as they have clearly bunched up a bit! Those of us that did take part in the joke, which was just a couple of former employees, have every right to make the joke, and if that means you use what power you have and put my picture up on your wall in an effort to keep me out of your establishment, then so be it. The intent was never to ruffle any feathers, and none of us were looking to get ourselves kicked out. It was simply a joke amongst friends, nothing more.

Like I said earlier, I don't hold a grudge, and I certainly don't look for opportunities to bad mouth people. None of us were looking to cause a stir or get anyone in any sort of trouble. Was the joke in bad taste? Perhaps, but remember, if you are an ass, don't be surprised if people don't like you. I'm just saying...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cindy Lou Who, brave or crazy?

While lounging on the couch last evening watching the Jim Carrey version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Kerrigan, the memories of watching holiday movies as a child came flooding back to me. I remembering getting giddy with anticipation for Rudolph and Frosty, and my all time favorite, A Christmas Story. Now it seems like the whole Christmas movie market is grossly watered down. I mean, ABC Family is playing a different movie every day this month?! What happened to the handful or terribly animated shows we had, with a couple of old movies we had as kids?

Speaking of Christmas, have you all made your list for Santa? I did mine this morning, and I'll be putting it in the giant mailbox at the mall later. I really hope he gets it in time! I assume, since he has a helper at the mall (I know he isn't the real one, there are just too many malls for him to be at all of them), that he will get it in time to make me the things I really want. This year I put things on my list in order of most wanted down to would like to have but if I don't get it, it isn't the end of the world, but I really still, deep down, want to get it. My list looks like this...

1. The Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox to all win a championship in the calendar year 2011. Things are looking good so far, at least on paper.

2. A 2011 Toyota Prius and/or a 2011 Toyota Tacoma. When you drive 50+ miles a day, a car that is great on gas is never a bad thing. As for the truck, I could ask for a trailer and a hitch for the CRV, but I'd much rather drive a new truck to the dump each weekend.

3. All of the necessary supplies to finish our basement. I have a man cave, but it can and will be much better soon. With Santa's help, much sooner.

4. A riding lawn mower. My current mower sucks, which I may have mentioned before. I'm not asking for a John Deere, unless the elves can make it happen.

5. A 4-wheeler with a plow on the front. This would work for me year round, since the plow would come off in the spring/summer/fall. I don't want to have to pay that douche, Tony, again. He sucks.

6. A Red Bull fridge and a years worth of Sugar Free Red Bull. With our schedules, we need this. Sorry Santa, a years worth will probably fill the sleigh!

7. A record contract. I can't sing or play an instrument, but I want to be famous. I figure if all of these worthless "musicians" can make millions selling shitty records, why can't I?!

8. Ownership of a funky dining/drinking establishment. I realize this isn't something you and the elves can whip together, but you know people, you can make this happen, right?

9. Diamond stud earrings. No, I don't have my ears, or anything else for that matter, pierced, but I would love to give some to my wife. I can't afford Cubic Zirconia earrings, so if you could hook a poor bastard up, that would be sick. I'm not talking huge, but 3 carats each ought to work. I don't want them turning her ears into those funky things some of those African tribes had in National Geographic magazines I saw when I was a kid!

10. Peace on earth. I know this is a stretch, especially as long as their are Democrats and Republicans, but I can dream, right. If you can make this happen, I promise I won't write any posts making fun of Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck for all of 2011, I swear!

I feel like it is a pretty modest list, especially when compared to some of the crazy lists I made when I was a kid, or the one my daughter made out of the American Girl catalog, damn that place is expensive! Here's hoping you all get everything on your list, just like I will! I'm just saying...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday party time...

It's holiday party season, and we've all been to one. Some places do a little breakfast, others close early to do a Yankee Swap and snacks. I've worked for a couple of different drinking establishments that have closed down for the evening and opened up the bar and had a band play. First of all, why is it that a restaurant/bar can do more for a holiday party than most any office I have ever worked for?! Anyways, the holiday party is always a good chance to get to know your co-workers, though, usually in a way you never cared to, especially when it is open bar...

Many of you know that Nichole and I started our courtship thanks in part to the open bar at the Bull Feeney's Christmas party back in 2006. The free flowing of shots and beer made it much easier for me to approach her and work my "game". Also that night, there was a whole lot of crazy going on all around us. I, unfortunately, was witness to a bad case of fire crotch at one point. It's funny, but red heads still scare me a little. If you've seen the movie "Waiting", picture the scene where that chick flashes her bush, and it's very unkempt. Yeah, I still have nightmares. Anyways, this goes back to my statement that these parties usually give you a chance to know your co-workers in a whole new way.

Well, back to the present. Buck's Naked BBQ had their holiday party last night. They rented out Venue on Forest Ave in Portland. Velorasaurus kicked out some jams and the drinks were on the house. Now, apparently all the ladies decided to dress up. Looking back, I'm not sure dressing up is the proper term. I might call it dressing out. Why? Well, you give this group of barely 21ers a few drinks and what the skirt is intending to cover up is covering nothing at all. At one point Nichole and I each had ourselves a little Britney Spears upskirt moment with this one chick. Shortly after that I had the misfortune of seeing another chick haul her skirt up to scratch her upper thigh. Wow, hot mess comes to mind. Speaking of hot mess, since when did 2 drinks over the course of a little over an hour get a person sloppy drunk?! Jesus, either I drink way too much, or these chicks cannot handle their booze. At one point, after the Yankee Swap Smackdown, this one girl was so drunk she couldn't even keep her eyes up when she was trying to convince me to switch with her. I'm still not sure what she said, but she was entertaining for a few minutes.

All this brings me to a very important question, which is, what is it about holiday parties that makes us just not give a shit about how we act? Can you think of one time when there wasn't at least one person bombed, making an ass of themselves? I can't, even when the parties were tame there was always at least one drunk jackass that would eventually piss in the punch or motor boat the bosses wife in front of everyone. Unfortunately, I may have to be that guy if we end up having our little breakfast here at the office this year, since somebody has to do it! I'm just saying...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sort of like "Deep Thoughts" with Jack Handy, except I'm not Jack Handy, and my thoughts aren't too deep...

It's Friday, and I'm pretty sure I've never been more excited about it. It's been a fun, but long, weekend. I have a trio of cousins in town from San Diego whom Kerrigan and I haven't seen in years and Nichole has never met. They got in late Wednesday night, and we've been up late the past couple of nights just catching up and shooting the shit. It's great seeing family, especially when it's been so long in between visits. What hasn't been good is the minimal amount of sleep I've gotten, my ass is tired! That's alright, I'll sleep it all off later.

Christmas came early on Yawkey Way in Boston this year. Theo and company were able to make the trade that has been rumored for a couple of years now, bringing lefty slugger Adrian Gonzalez across the country to play first base for years to come in Boston, and then signed speedy left fielder Carl Crawford, who has owned the Red Sox over the years. If we can sign or trade for an arm or two in the bullpen, Beckett and Lackey pitch to their potential and we stay relatively injury free, we have to be considered one of the teams to beat. This must be where that bridge Theo was talking about last year was bringing us, it all makes sense now.

We had our annual road association meeting last night, and boys oh boys was that fun! It was a pot luck gathering, where we discussed the upcoming plowing season and any other issues people may have. Why is this important to you? It's not, it was boring as shit. However, towards the end of the meeting, the association president brought up the installation of the CMP Smart Meters. She went on a long schpeel about how they are dangerous for us and if we are uncomfortable with them then we should contact Central Maine Power and tell them not to install it. Also, they install them while wearing haz-mat suits, so they have to be bad, why else would they wear them, right? My guess is that the person she saw, or more likely, was told about wearing the haz-mat suit was probably wearing a rain suit to stay dry. I have this sinking sensation that these are no more dangerous than our cell phones that are always up to our ears or even our microwaves that we are warming up food and drinks in. Let's just say that I'm not going to start wearing a tin foil hat around the house any time soon.

One of my favorite lunch time haunts is closing today, and I'm sad to see it go. Mousse Cafe and Bakeshop in Monument Square, right next to Longfellow Books has been a regular spot for Nichole and I for a while now. They do a killer breakfast and have some great paninis and sandwiches. What sold me was their sweet treat selection. The peanut butter bars are amazing! In fact, I'll be right back, I'm going to get one right now...

Alright, I'm back. Quick walk up the hill to grab a treat, and I come back with a story, I love it. As I'm walking back down toward Commercial Street, where my office is located, I round the corner by Arabica Coffee and I'm about 8-10 paces behind and older gentleman. All of a sudden I hear this ripping sound, as if he just pushed a giant fart out. Then another. And another. So on and so on for another 5 or 6 farts, a total of 8. He just kept on walking, not worrying about a thing in the world. All this while I'm walking behind him, trying not to burst out laughing, as well as trying not to choke on the distinct smell of old man fart!

I promised my daughter we could decorate a giant gingerbread man this year. We have done gingerbread houses in the past, but last year I swore that I would never do another house again. The sections of roof were supposed to securely fasten to the house with some frosting, that was supplied by the fine makers of the product. However, they didn't work, not even a little. I ended up going through an entire tube of super glue, and all that really did was stick my damn fingers to the house and plate we were using. I have never been so frustrated putting something so simple together. After something like 2 hours and, I'm sure, a few curse words, Kerrigan and I decided that we would never do that again. This year she gets to decorate the gingerbread man while I watch, that I can handle. I'm just saying...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let's go eat a goddamn snack...

I was anxious to watch last nights Patriots game against their bitter rival the New York Jets. It turns out, the Jets were anxious to sit around and watch the game happen as well! The Patriots started quickly, getting out to a blistering 17-0 lead after the first quarter. Well, it didn't get much better for the hapless Jets last night, as Tom Brady and company picked them apart to the tune of a 45-3 shellacking at Gillette Stadium. It turns out that Rex Ryan and company need to spend a little more time practicing, and a little less time eating a goddamn snack...

On an altogether different note..

As we were enjoying our usual Monday night pizza and beer at Howie's Pub on Washington Ave in Portland last night, word came through that the Democrats and Republicans came to a "deal" on the Bush tax cuts. Now, I always thought a deal meant each party involved got less than they wanted, but overall, it worked out for both sides. Well, apparently, in politics it means that Republicans get exactly what they want and Democrats concede everything. What the hell happened?! Republicans ran the mid term elections like they were for working people. They wanted to reduce the deficit and bring in the out of control spending. They said it repeatedly, we all heard it. So, as their first big move after the elections, they decide to say that they won't do anything until the full Bush tax cuts are extended. Well, they got exactly what they wanted, a full extension for two years, adding billions more to the deficit. In return the Democrats were able to get 13 months of extended unemployment benefits. Not even the same two years, a measly 13 months.

Alright, now I know I have asked this question before, but I'm still waiting to hear an answer from somebody. How can you call yourself a fiscal conservative that is looking out for working Americans when you just threw a hissy fit in order to give the richest in this country a tax break and were not willing to extend unemployment benefits on those that are out of work until the tax cuts were extended?! You would rather see struggling Americans go without then see the rich pay more in taxes?! Who is more likely to spend their respective money, a millionaire getting a tax break or an out of work person living unemployment check to unemployment check? A millionaire will still be a millionaire, even without that tax break. A person that is denied unemployment just before the holidays is devastated, could be kicked out of their home and forced to live on the state. Who are John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and company really looking out for? Seriously, somebody please answer this for me, I am clearly missing something.

On a much brighter note, my daughter was selected by the Maine Red Claws to be the ballgirl on December 26th! Everybody should buy tickets and come cheer her on as she hits the court for the first time. I can't wait! She is probably going to kill me for this, but I think it will be too stinking cute! I'm just saying...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Why do weekends go by so damn fast?!

Another week started without consulting me first. I wasn't ready for it, not even a little bit. However, here we are. This week is shaping up to be a bit nutty, but what else is new I guess. I guess I better just pull up my big boy pants and suck it up. Anyways, here is a quick recap of what happened over the past weekend.

I coached my first basketball game for 3rd and 4th grade girls on Saturday. Funny thing is, they listened better than the JV boys team I coached back in like 2000. We played two games and split them. Overall, I am impressed with how quickly these girls are picking things up. Should be a fun and entertaining season.

The Red Sox traded for Adrian Gonzalez. Thank god! This has long been rumored, and finally has come to fruition. This guy is an absolute stud, both as a batter and a first basemen. Now if Theo and co. can sign Carl Crawford and find a reliever or two, I will be one extremely happy Red Sox fan.

I read that Governor-Elect LePage is encouraging the new Attorney General, William Schneider, to join 20 other states in a law suit to overturn the Affordable Care Act. If Maine joins the suit, taxpayers would end up spending as much as $400,000 in legal fees while the state's input would have no effect on the outcome of the case. Not a great start for the so-called "fiscal conservative"...

The US Senate voted down to proposals on a rare Saturday morning session regarding the extension of the Bush tax cuts. The first was to cap the extension on individuals making $200,000 and couples making $250,000 a year. That was quickly shot down. Next up was to cap the extension on individuals making $1,000,000 a year, which was also sent packing. All of this is happening while over 2 million individuals have lost their unemployment benefits because the Republicans won't vote on anything until the Democrats allow everyone to continue with the tax cuts. So, I guess that, at the end of the day, Republicans don't care if unemployed people get minimal benefits, but they are super concerned that millionaires get tax cuts. Interesting... Dear Democrats, you better get this point across!

Big football game tonight. I realize this didn't occur over the weekend, but it's been the talk of sports radio, and is being dubbed as the game of the year. Now, I'm not great at predictions, in fact, I'm probably wrong more than I am right, but I see good things coming for the Patriots. I think that Tom Brady and company have a big night and the Pats win it handily, 34-21. What makes it even better is that Brady and former Jet Danny Woodhead will both perform well enough to give me a fantasy football win over old friend Adam and his Pelican Silencers. Hey Adam, the Pelican's will be screaming tonight! I'm just saying...

Friday, December 3, 2010

A few things I need help with on a Friday morning...

It's Friday morning, I'm tired after a rough sleeping week, and I find myself scratching my head over a few things. I'm not typically one to let silly things invade my thoughts at night and keep me awake, but some of the following may do exactly that. Honestly, I'm really confused, someone please help me!

Rush Limbaugh wants reparations from Native Americans for deaths from smoking tobacco. Wait, what?! Is he talking about the same Native Americans that we decimated with war and disease? The same Native Americans that settled here before us, we kicked them out, stole their land and took all the credit for discovering this land? The same Native Americans that have absolutely nothing to do with mass producing cigarettes, and make zero profit from the sales of tobacco? Rush, I understand that you are an entertainer, but you are really just a giant tool. How can you even say that with a straight face? You are a despicable man!

How come whenever I go in to a public restroom that has a urinal in it there is ALWAYS piss on the floor? How hard is it to aim and hit the rather large target that is a urinal? I understand how at a bar there might be some pee on the floor, dudes have a hard time standing still and their aim is a bit off, I get that. But every time I go to the bathroom and there is a urinal in it, there is piss on the floor. And not just some splash. It looks like someone just full on pissed on the floor. Why?!

Senator John McCain wanted to wait for a report to come out before deciding what he thinks we should do regarding the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Well, the report came out stating that and flip flop McCain is at it again, stating that he thought the report was flawed because the Commander in Chief Barack Obama, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mullen are not qualified to determine whether the policy's repeal will harm the troops, in his opinion. Look, I've never served in the military, so I don't know what the big deal is, first of all. What I do understand, though, is that men and women that want to defend our country are being singled out because of what goes in in their personal lives. Here's something for you to think about McCain. You know how you don't like the personal choices that the homosexual soldier beside you has made? Guess what, he says the same thing about you. The only difference is that he isn't holding it against you. Let's cut the bullshit, stop judging people and come together for the common good.

Why do chain restaurants always have shitty beer selections? Sure, you can grab a Sam Adams, but, meh, it's alright. Do only people with no actual taste buds eat at chains? Why can't I get a Guinness a Dogfish Head or a Sierra Nevada? Why is the local beer always Shipyard Export? Why does Chili's still have Pumpkinhead on tap? Why did we go to a chain for drinks expecting something different? When is a good, non-chain, going to open near the mall for bastards like me that are Christmas shopping?

Another quick look into the mind that is mine. Again, not keeping me up all night, but certainly some head scratchers. Leg brain may be keeping me up a little at night, but that is a different story for a different day. I'm just saying...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What the American people really want is someone to just say no for them...

I had no intentions to talk about politics today. In fact, I wasn't even sure I was going to write anything today. Didn't sleep real good last night and have a pretty full plate at work, didn't plan on spending much, if any time on here. Then I had to read this headline, "GOP says it'll block bills until tax cuts extended", on Yahoo while eating my lunch. Now, I suffer from high blood pressure as it is, so stories like this aren't helping me very much. Now that I have finished eating, and taken a minute to calm down, I have a few questions.


Are you kidding me?

Seriously, WHAT?!

Ok, but seriously, I guess I need someone to break this down for me. I have spent more time than I should have reading about the Bush era tax cuts and I must be missing something somewhere. Republicans want to extend what has been dubbed the Bush era tax cuts to all tax paying Americans, including the wealthiest, while Democrats want to extend it for tax payers making $1,000,000 or less, and not continuing the cut for the top earners. Republicans say raising taxes in a down economy is never a good thing. Democrats say that the top earners would only save the difference, not spend it, so it isn't helping the economy at all.

I ask this to Republicans - If we just blindly extend these cuts, how do we pay for them? You want to balance the budget and reduce our deficit, how can you possibly do that when the extension would cost $3.7 trillion over the next ten years. Is that what the American people want? I don't think so.

Another question I have for Republicans that want to just say no to everything. How does not continuing unemployment benefits for 2 millions Americans that are out of work right now, due to this down economy, help? These funds will be going directly back into the economy, right? And forget about the fact that it will happen just before the holidays. How will this positively impact Americans?

What about the Dream Act? Are you going to tell me that an 18 year old that was brought here illegally, 14 years ago, who is going to college to get his/her degree should be kicked out of the country? What about the 18 year old who is fighting for our country? I agree, he/she didn't come here legally, but at 4 years of age, did that child have a choice? I would say that this affects people of this country, as it either means that they have to leave or they are allowed to stay.

How about Don't Ask Don't Tell? Are you telling me that this isn't affecting Americans? There are troops that have been kicked out because of their sexual partner of choice, which has absolutely no bearing on their performance protecting our country. Why are we still fighting, in 2010, for equal rights to all people? Where in the Constitution does it say that you can fight for our country, but only if you are straight? No, seriously, where does it say that?

See, what I don't understand is, why are we trying to make a political point on this? There is a lot at stake for people all over this country. When are we going to stop worrying about getting our way and remember that we are all impacted differently from moves these politicians make. Politics, like life, needs to be full of compromise. It can't work with the mantra "my way of the highway". The President has offered an olive branch, looking to work together with Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and company, but it seems that they just don't give a shit. I'm just saying...