Monday, December 6, 2010

Why do weekends go by so damn fast?!

Another week started without consulting me first. I wasn't ready for it, not even a little bit. However, here we are. This week is shaping up to be a bit nutty, but what else is new I guess. I guess I better just pull up my big boy pants and suck it up. Anyways, here is a quick recap of what happened over the past weekend.

I coached my first basketball game for 3rd and 4th grade girls on Saturday. Funny thing is, they listened better than the JV boys team I coached back in like 2000. We played two games and split them. Overall, I am impressed with how quickly these girls are picking things up. Should be a fun and entertaining season.

The Red Sox traded for Adrian Gonzalez. Thank god! This has long been rumored, and finally has come to fruition. This guy is an absolute stud, both as a batter and a first basemen. Now if Theo and co. can sign Carl Crawford and find a reliever or two, I will be one extremely happy Red Sox fan.

I read that Governor-Elect LePage is encouraging the new Attorney General, William Schneider, to join 20 other states in a law suit to overturn the Affordable Care Act. If Maine joins the suit, taxpayers would end up spending as much as $400,000 in legal fees while the state's input would have no effect on the outcome of the case. Not a great start for the so-called "fiscal conservative"...

The US Senate voted down to proposals on a rare Saturday morning session regarding the extension of the Bush tax cuts. The first was to cap the extension on individuals making $200,000 and couples making $250,000 a year. That was quickly shot down. Next up was to cap the extension on individuals making $1,000,000 a year, which was also sent packing. All of this is happening while over 2 million individuals have lost their unemployment benefits because the Republicans won't vote on anything until the Democrats allow everyone to continue with the tax cuts. So, I guess that, at the end of the day, Republicans don't care if unemployed people get minimal benefits, but they are super concerned that millionaires get tax cuts. Interesting... Dear Democrats, you better get this point across!

Big football game tonight. I realize this didn't occur over the weekend, but it's been the talk of sports radio, and is being dubbed as the game of the year. Now, I'm not great at predictions, in fact, I'm probably wrong more than I am right, but I see good things coming for the Patriots. I think that Tom Brady and company have a big night and the Pats win it handily, 34-21. What makes it even better is that Brady and former Jet Danny Woodhead will both perform well enough to give me a fantasy football win over old friend Adam and his Pelican Silencers. Hey Adam, the Pelican's will be screaming tonight! I'm just saying...