Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Las Vegas revisited: Day 3 - You know what really burns me?

Friday was the day we were looking forward to. We planned to sit poolside all day and sip margaritas while taking an occasional trip around the lazy river. Well guess what... that is exactly what we did, just substitute Miller Lite for the margaritas. It was the greatest way to spend the day. It was 97 degrees, slight breeze poolside, we had a perfect location amongst 250 or so other people, and there was a DJ blasting out all sorts of hits, from Sweet Caroline to that damn song about boots with the fur, or some damn thing. Regardless, it was a perfect day, and we were kind of in heaven. We lounged for about 4 hours as our skin slowly crisped up nice and red, you know, a nice slow burn. Around 2:00 my sister and her crew showed up to take over our spot so we could go get cleaned up to watch the Celtics game at a local sports bar. While we had a blast, this should have happened at least two hours sooner, as we were toasted! We went up to the room, and upon exiting the shower I realized just how burnt I was, seeing my beat red chest! Oh well, I will just put lotion on it and it will be fine, no worries, right?

We finish getting ready and meet my buddy Ryan and some of his friends at a place called Blondie's for dinner and the Celtics game. Place was cool, with at least 8 games of beer pong going on at all times. A couple of buckets of beer and an ass-whooping later (Celtics lost the game really bad!) we were lighter in the wallet and on our way to the MGM Grand to check out the Jason Mraz / Dave Matthews Band show. If you haven't been in the MGM before, it is very nice. It is also ginormous! We kept following signs leading us to the back of the place. It felt like we walked miles in this place, and it just kept going. Finally reaching the back of the building, which also happened to be the MGM Grand Garden Arena, we had out tickets scanned, grabbed a couple of beers and made our way to our seats. Now, keep in mind we bought these tickets off somebody who lives in Vegas, and we paid less than face value, so we had no idea where our seats would be. Well, we were in the very last row off to the right side of the stage. Not the worst seats in the house, but far from the best! Well, we saw most of the Jason Mraz show, and he was good, really enjoyed his interactions with the crowd, plus we got to see I'm Yours, which Nichole and I walked out of our wedding to, so that was nice. DMB was up next, and they did not disappoint! As soon as the show started a sea of mary jane smoke started pluming up all around us, to the point where Nichole and I were getting pretty high! Remember, smoke rises, and we were in the last row, so we were basically sitting in it. People all around us were hitting away, and we were drifting off further into a happy place, until suddenly Nichole started to lose her balance and turned to me and dry heaved on my shoulder! Now, I love this girl more than anything in the world, but I quickly straightened her head out so she didn't puke on me! I talked her into going out to the concourse to get some water and some fresh air, and she started feeling better almost instantly, thank god! We ventured back in to our seats next to Dino (dude from CT who was at his 126th show, can you believe that! I was at my 8th and I thought that was cool!), and danced the rest of the show away. Great setlist and we had a blast.

After the show we sauntered back to the Monte Carlo for a couple of beverages and quickly went to our room to crash, it was a great day, but again exhausting. Had to get rested up for our last full day in town, who knows what it had in store for us!