Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Road Trippin' to Hotlanta in June...

Nothing like driving 20 hours to the dirty south at the end of June, when it is hotter than hell outside, but that is what family does, right? My little sister is moving to Atlanta on June 12th, and has asked Nichole and I to drive her vehicle down for her when we get a chance. Well, it's a long drive, so we have to plan this one out a bit. Turns out the Red Sox are playing in Atlanta the weekend of June 27th, which is ironically about the only weekend we don't have booked already this summer! Sounds like we are gonna check another ballpark off the list (only bringing my total to 3, ha!). I'm certainly not looking forward to driving for 20 straight hours. Fortunately we happen to know a couple of people that live just about in the middle, which would be a great way to break things up a little bit.

Now, I am NOT looking forward to my little sister moving away. She has been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember, and hate the idea of her not being just across the bridge. I'm super happy for her, and think her new husband is great, just hate to see them leave town. The only good that is coming out of it all is that Nichole and I are inheriting two kayaks, a grill, patio furniture, entertainment center and several other items. Some, if not all, may only be temporary, but we will be sure to enjoy the shit out of them while we can!