Thursday, May 14, 2009

Las Vegas revisited: Day 4 - Arachnophobia

Arachnophobia is a specific phobia, an abnormal fear of spiders and other arachnids. It is among the most common of all phobias. This is probably Nichole biggest fear. In fact, she will no longer feed the dog or do laundry because she saw a rather large spider recently in the basement. Now I have sprayed in an effort to get rid of them, so hopefully this helps. What does this have to do with day 4 in Vegas you ask? Wait for it, it is coming...

Saturday finds us jumping out of bed and getting cleaned up quickly so we can meet my parents for breakfast down the strip at the Venetian, where they stayed. We strolled down the strip, checking out a few things we hadn't yet seen. We met my parents in their room, which was absolutely stunning. The view was less than stellar, but the room itself was amazing. We went down to the shopping area and had some breakfast at a little cafe called Tintoretto Bakery. After breakfast we explored the Venetian, Pallazzo, Caesars Palace, Bellagio and Treasure Island, taking pictures of all the amazing architecture, gardens and any other cool little thing along the way. We ended up meeting Pete Rose, the all time hit king in baseball, who was signing autographs at Caesars Palace in an attempt to make some money. Poor broke bastard, all he has to do is admit he bet on baseball and his entire life would change, but he is too damn stubborn. Oh well!

Having now walked several miles, maybe more (with a sunburn so bad on my leg and foot it hurt to walk) we made our way back to the Monte Carlo to shower and get ready for a fine evening to ourselves. We booked dinner at a steakhouse named Brand in our hotel and from there we were leaving it pretty open. Ended up making tentative plans with my sister and her crew to go Rok our chickens (or cock as the rest of us would have guessed) off at a rock nightclub at New York, New York. Nichole and I ensured that we would be dressed properly and I got us guys on the guest list so we would get right in. After setting this up we stopped into the casino to say goodbye to my parents before they left town and we were stopped by a couple that gave us tickets to Zumanity, which is a provocative version of Cirque de Soleil. Show was great, filled with lots of audience interaction, sexually explicit jokes, sensual dancing and BOOBIES! HA! We enjoyed the heck out of the show, and after ran to get our dinner reservation. This may have been the best meal I have ever eaten out at a restaurant, hands down. Nichole got the filet mignon with a side of mushrooms and gratin and I had a Kobe beef burger with fries and baked mac and cheese. Seriously, amazing! Topped off with a bottle of red wine, and we were in food coma heaven!

Following dinner we explored New York, New York, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay and Luxor a bit, waiting for Kelly and crew to get out of their Cirque de Soleil show so we could go clubbing (it sounds weird to me too, trust me). Well, turns out they had other plans and decided not to call us or even text us, but we made do. We had our best night there, strolling around the strip sipping beers for hours. We made it back to Brand to have a few vodka and diet sodas before retiring to our room. The bartender here didn't seem very nice and we thought she poured our drinks rather light. Nichole was NOT impressed with her at all, not to mention the fact that she had a giant tarantula tattooed just above her right ass cheek! Well, we sucked the two drinks down and left a little discouraged. Wait, nope, we were drunk! Turns out those drinks may have been a little stronger than originally thought, and put us over the top! We side stepped back up to the room and what happened next can't be written down properly, or maybe even legally. Let's just say we didn't get a whole lot of sleep and I was ripping tequila shots out of Nichole's belly button. I think that pretty much tells you what you need to know!