Monday, May 11, 2009

Las Vegas revisited: Day 1 - Vegas, the scenic drive

Flew first class to Las Vegas, and let me tell you something, it is worth every penny. Not only do you get served drinks for free, but you have more leg room than you would ever need. Honestly though, it is nice having your first beverage in your hand before everyone else even starts boarding the plane. Anyways, Nichole and I do our part to help them clean out their canned beer rations and arrive in Vegas around 3:00 local time. We take a cab to the Monte Carlo, check in, run up to our room, get settled in and head over to the ESPNZone at New York, New York to meet up with some friends and watch a little of the Celtics game before playing some night golf at nice little par 3 course just outside of town. We stick around long enough to see the Celtics pull out a win in game 3 and hail a cab to the golf course. Well, let me tell you something about our cab rides, we got completely f'ed in the a! The course was 13 miles from our hotel, and I expected it to get a bit pricey. Well, we roll into the place and the meter reads $39.90. Cabbie was nice, he did take a couple of wrong turns, and knocked the fare down to $35, not too bad, I guess. We did get a good deal playing golf thank god. We each played 9 holes, rented clubs and got a cart and it was only $70, which is an amazing deal. The course was cool, modeled after famous holes from around the world, but all shorter than 130 yards each. We get to hole one and find rabbits all over the place! The course must have had more than 100 of them running around, it was crazy! Never seen anything quite like it before, Nichole LOVED it.

After golf we had planned on calling our first taxi driver for a return trip to the strip, but he turned his phone off, thanks buddy! We called around and finally got ourselves an older Japanese dude that had just moved to Vegas 15 days ago and didn't know how to get anywhere yet. GOOD! He took us the longest possible way ever back to Monte Carlo, laughing and saying "I so sorry" over and over again. $49.50 was the damage this time, and Nichole was having no part of this! She explained how much we paid on the way out, and he wouldn't listen, wanted to call somebody and ask how much it should be. After getting no help from his little "phone a friend" attempt, he asks for $40, we toss him $45 and climb out swearing and angry. We spent $100 in car fare our first day in Vegas when you factor in the trip from the airport to the hotel, and we were kicking ourselves for not renting a car, would have been cheaper! Day one is in the books, we are upset at cabbie number 2, but are on vacation and had a fun day, so we went to bed happy and exhausted.