Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm now officially 30...

The big 30th birthday bash was Sunday, and I am overwhelmed by all the people that came, it was amazing! It was by far the largest party we have ever hosted, and perhaps the craziest too! The band played until about 2 AM, at which point I think the neighbor was ready to kill them. We put away two kegs, several hundred bottles and cans of beer, a bottle of homemade wine and about a dozen bottles of booze. Some people saw the sunrise, one person passed out on the front lawn with an empty wine cooler in each hand and we lost one cat for about 12 hours. I busted my knee somehow, and have a swollen hand from taking my anger out on my oil tank because of playing beer pong poorly (this is when things get fuzzy for me). This is also when about ten of us decided it was a good time to do the no pants dance around the basement. I don't understand either, but it made sense at the time. Nichole took a piece of cake to bed around 10, and then rallied later, which lit me up like a Christmas tree, as I was super excited to see her again!

The weather started out overcast and rainy, but turned out beautiful, and we were able to enjoy the outdoor games and the band rocked the backyard for hours. People were coming and going starting around 1 and lasting, to my knowledge about 12 hours later. My memory stops at around midnight, but made it to bed on my own, only after chugging the last of the Jaeger bottle, another great decision on my part. All in all, the party went well and I want to thank everyone that came, got me cards, played music or just simply enjoyed the day with me. I have the best friends in the world, and want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me handle the milestone birthday a little easier!