Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Las Vegas revisited: Day 2 - Headin' to a weddin'

Thursday brought us another beautiful day, 97 degrees, which I am told isn't bad because it is a dry heat. I say screw that, it is hotter than hell regardless! We get up fairly early, shower up and get ourselves looking rather nice, as it is my sister's wedding day! We meet the crew at New York, New York at 10:45 and head on out to The Grove, which is right outside of town. We rented a shuttle to take us since they told us a limo was unable to take 8 of us, and it was a nice, scenic ride. The Grove was a cute little setup, with water, flowers and birds singing all around. A perfect spot for a Vegas wedding, unless you are in to the whole Elvis thing. Ceremony took about 15 minutes from start to finish and we were on our way back to, fittingly, an Irish pub called Nine Fine Irishman back at New York, New York. We toasted the new couple (several times over) and decided to ride the roller coaster that surrounds the hotel. Having not been on a roller coaster of any kind since Disney back in high school, it was a decent ride, but finished quickly (that's what she said!). Following the ride we made our way to the Hard Rock Hotel for a bite to eat, as well as sobering up a bit, we still had dinner plans at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant for the reception at 9!

After lunch Matt, Crystal, Nichole and I catch a ride back to Paris, on the strip, and do a little shoe shopping for dinner, then grab a drink at the Hawaiian Tropics bar. This would never work in Maine, as the waitresses were only wearing a bikini, and I'm pretty sure in ordered to be employed there you need to be a size 00 with large boobies. Anyways, we enjoy our drink and head back out to the strip and walk back in the direction of our hotel to take a quick rest and get ready for dinner. As I mentioned before, dinner was at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris, located about halfway up the replicated version of the famous Parisian landmark. Our table had a great view of the water show at the Bellagio, an incredible wine selection, and some great food choices. We all looked great, all dressed up, and had a wonderful meal, laughing and telling stories. After dinner we all ripped shots of Tequila down in the casino (Marcole brought a bottle to dinner, you know how we do it) and went our separate ways for the evening, just checking out the sites and sounds the strip had to offer on Thursday night. Another exhausting day, further proven by Nichole falling asleep with me rubbing her tired feet back at the hotel. Gotta rest up for another day tomorrow!