Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey dude, nice mullet!

Brew Fest weekend. I'm already excited to plan the festivities for next year. That's how much fun we have every year at this annual event. Saturday did not disappoint. For those of you that were there, our large group could be seen roaming the Portland Expo building sporting our W.W.J.B. t-shirts, and pretzel necklaces. What the heck is W.W.J.B. you ask?! Well, that would be short for What Would Jesus Brew, of course. Our group, who we have coined The Brew Crew, has grown over the past few years, originally starting out as a small group of friends that wanted to turn the annual Maine Brewer's Festival into something more than just a chance to try some different barley infused offerings. Our first year was a modest dozen or so people taking a limo to and from the festival in some locally printed t-shirts that we designed. Last year we rented a school bus from the fine people over at VIP Charter, and they were kind enough to transport us again this year. Our shirts have evolved too. We've sported everything from "I'd Tap That" to "Chug Life" to this years "W.W.J.B.". We've even created a Facebook Fan Page for everyone to be able to stay up to date on what we are working on next.

As for the festival itself, it was a great time again this year. I had the opportunity to try some new offerings that I had not yet had, like the Sebago Barleywine, which was aged in Bourbon barrels and kicked me square in the jiblets, damn! Sebago also had their Local Harvest (an APA made with local hops and barley) and Hell Awaits (their imperial porter) on cask, which were excellent! Peak Organic had some excellent selections, and Geary's, one of my top Maine breweries, had their Wee Heavy and Imperial IPA, two of my favorites. There was some good music playing in the background, and there was lots of food options. As usual, a great event.

Our group of about 45 people, all wearing our matching t-shirts, were a rowdy bunch, as usual. We all enjoy a good time, and want everyone to be having fun along with us. Our shirts got a few looks, mostly smiles, but a few hairy eyeballs were seen amongst the crowd. To those people I say, go to your local 7-Eleven and buy yourself a sense of humor. No disrespect was meant, just trying to be a little tongue-in-cheek. We actually sold a half dozen or more to patrons in the crowd, the shirts were a big hit. The bus ride back from the Portland Expo to Gritty McDuff's in the Old Port was entertaining also. We picked up about a half dozen new people (for a small fee, and yes Nichole, Amy paid), and had lots of drunken photos snapped. Post brew fest we all went in different directions, and a small group of us landed at Sebago for dinner. Apparently, from what I have since heard, we acted up, which I totally disagree with and would call bullshit on. I have been told that one of the manager's posted on his Facebook wall "what would jesus brew? he wouldn't act up in a restaurant". The the manager at Sebago that posted this, I say suck it to you my friend. We didn't act up, we did nothing out of the ordinary for a group of 10 in the Old Port on a Saturday night. Now, if you are jealous because Brew Crew was having fun while you were working, I'm sorry, take the night off and join us next year. Until then, get over it.

The night would end early for Marcole and Casey. One member of our trio was slightly intoxicated, and I won't mention names, but when Casey and I convinced Nichole that she was too drunk to drive, despite her repeated attempts to prove us otherwise, we caught a ride back to New Gloucester from my father. Normally a ride home from the bars from your father would be embarrassing, but when faced with the idea of getting an OUI, I'll take the ride in the far back of a Ford Escape from my father any day of the week. The ride was great, the farts however, were less than great. Though, looking back, I guess I contributed to a bit of the overpowering stench, and for that I am sorry.

All in all, the Maine Brewer's Festival 2010 was a great time. Brew Crew did it up again, and we did it right. I look forward to a new theme and some new faces next year. Until then, check out our page on Facebook, and send it along to your friends. In closing, I offer you this... Can you imagine what would happen if Santa Claus, Count Chocula, Chuck Norris and the Easter Bunny hooked up after a night of Patron shots and pizza rolls? Neither can we, but we do know that you don't want to miss out on the Brew Crew! I'm just saying...