Friday, June 12, 2009

My child is 7!?!?

When the hell did this happen? Kerrigan turned 7 this past Tuesday, and I still can't believe it. I mean, how is that even possible. This means that I have been out of college for 7 years now, and that I moved out of the County 7 years ago. Time has absolutely flown by. Incredible!

For her birthday, and in part because it was a going away party for my little sister, we went to Fuji for dinner, and were very entertained by the fine hibachi cooks. Kerrigan thought this was awesome, and had a great time. She was so cute to watch as the flames were flying and the rice balls were being tossed in different directions. She has so much fun, in fact, that she told us she was dismissing herself from school the next day and walking down to Portland for lunch. We are in big trouble!

Her party is tomorrow, with a Hannah Montana theme, and about a dozen little girls running around all hopped up on cake and candy. Nichole and I have come up with a few fun games for them to play, and will have the house and yard decorated and ready for the 1:00 PM arrival. A few of the little ones will be spending the night, and in Kerrigan's world, sleepovers don't equal sleep, so this ought to be fun.

Next weekend we are planning on checking out the Life Is Good Music Festival at the Boston Common, where Brett Dennen is playing (which I am really looking forward to). It is basically a day of free fun and games for kids, with some music and lots of events going on. Our plan is to stay over night, and then we have tickets for the Red Sox and Braves game the next afternoon. I am extremely excited to spend the weekend with my two favorite ladies, enjoying food, fun, music and sports. Sounds to me like life is very good, I'm just saying...