Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bonny Eagle senior denied his diploma for bowing and blowing a kiss to his mother, are you shitting me?!

Bonny Eagle High School, located in Standish, about 30 minutes out of Portland, held their high school graduation at the Cumberland County Civic Center on Friday. Four years of hard work culminating in a hour or so long ceremony, in front of all your family and friends. Everyone dressed in their cap and gowns, thoughts of one last fun summer before heading off to college, the armed services or just going to work dancing in their heads. I have been there, and I remember it all too well. You are anxious to start the rest of your life. You are excited that the four year journey has come to an end. You are sad, knowing that what has been normalcy for the last several years is coming to an end.

However, this graduation ceremony is unlike most. One student, Justin Denney, on his way to receive his diploma, stops, bows, blows a kiss to his mother and waves to friends, not unlike many students at every other graduation ceremony that has ever taken place. When he gets up to the superintendent, she asks him why he deserves his diploma, and follows that up with telling him to return to his seat. Wait, what?! See for yourself, is this response from the superintendent warranted? I sure don't!

The mother is furious, and she should be. Apparently, upon arrival, all parents and students were required to sign a code of conduct stating that they were not allowed to misbehave or fool around. You can clearly see from the video he did nothing of the sort. Others before him were tossing around a few beach balls, something Justin took no part in, and one student was led away by officers, almost getting arrested. Come the hell on, it is graduation day for these kids. First of all, there is absolutely no good reason to have police at a graduation! It's not like people are going to be ripping bong hits or having sword fights (with actual swords people, not the dirty sword fight). I think graduation day is a day for the kids. They have worked hard, put in the time, and need to be honored and celebrated. If they decide to toss around some beach balls, then so freaking be it. Nobody is getting hurt and it is all in the name of good, clean fun.

Now this has made national news, hitting the cnn.com website this morning. I hope the administration at Bonny Eagle High School is proud of itself. If I were them, I would be completely and utterly embarrassed by my actions. Justin, and the others have done nothing that hasn't been done a million times before them at every graduation that has taken place ever. Good luck Justin, I hope that you not only receive your diploma very soon, but the administration at your former school gets all the negative attention they deserve, I'm just saying...