Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Looking ahead, as well as having flashbacks...

Big Vegas trip in two weeks, can't freakin' wait! I would say I really need a vacation, but those of you who are actually working full time might think I'm a jerk. Truth is, I need to get away, clear my head, and start over. This whole process has really messed with my head. I've got resumes at nearly every business south of the traffic circle near the State House, and I have heard back from about three people, all of which told me the same thing, while you have excellent skills, they just don't fit what we are looking for. Now, I would like to point out that a couple of these jobs were essentially secretarial type positions. Have I really sunk that low, that I can't even get a damn front desk position?! Anyways, this is why I am looking forward to taking a vacation. Get out of Maine for a few days, clear my head, have a good time, and come back refreshed, ready to rock and roll. I need to build my confidence back up and get back on my feet.

Tonight is the circus with the family. Should be a fun time, at least for Kerrigan. She has already been this year, but is really looking forward to going again. She, for some reason, is convinced that I am scared of the clowns. I'm not sure why she has that impression, although I am a bit freaked out by the Anah Temple Shriners, so that might be what she is referring to. I mean seriously, with those pointy shoes, jewels in their belly buttons and the creepy tans, why wouldn't you be a little freaked out by them? At any rate, the circus, minus the distinct smell of elephunk, is always a good time, makes you feel like a kid again.