Friday, April 10, 2009

I don't care what anyone says, I love Fenway Park!

Ah, summer. It's coming, I swear! And what is better in the summer than grabbing a beer, brat and checking out the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park? I think nothing, at least, I thought nothing. I have learned that not only is the Dave Matthews Band playing at Fenway in late May, but so too is PHISH, and all in the same weekend! Now Nichole and I were already hoping to secure some DMB tickets, but now I'm thinking maybe Phish instead?! I just don't know, maybe I will sell some plasma or something so we can go to both! I put in my ticket request yesterday, so hopefully I will catch a streak of luck and be able to purchase a pair. If not, craigslist here I come. Now if we could only get some Sox tickets for the Mets series just before the music starts up, that will be one hell of a week in Boston!