Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is it just me, or does that seem a bit strange?!

Yesterday was a long day. Got up at 4:30 to snowblow the drive way, which after two hours, was only about a third done. Ran back into the dark house (lost power some time around 2 AM) to grab some gym clothes and rally Nichole and got out the door. Planned to shower at the YMCA in New Gloucester. Unfortunately, no power there either. Next to the YMCA in Freeport. Oh, what's that, no power there either, cool! Drove thru Dunkin Donuts for a quick coffee and down to Portland to Planet Fitness. I worked out while Nichole got cleaned up and ready for work. I previously called out of work sick, as I had a ton of crap I needed to get done. Dropped Nichole off and headed back home to finish snowblowing.

Once home I could not get the snowblower to work. Good, was hoping that would happen. Engine ran fine, just couldn't get the auger to do a god damn thing. Sweet! Went inside and did some paperwork and filing in our newly arranged office. This was good, as it was out of control, but was limited as we were still without power. Around 1 I decided I should head to the YMCA in New Gloucester to double check to see if it was open yet so that I could get a shower in. Still no. Just as before, I next went to the Freeport YMCA to attempt showering. It was open, sweet! I checked in, grabbed a towel and headed to the locker room. Now, I'm not one to saunter around the locker room with my manhood just hanging around, if you know what I mean. I typically will head to the shower with my shorts on, clean up, then head out of the shower with my clean underoos on. That being said, I prepped myself for my trip to the shower, only to round the corner and see some old dude, cock out, standing in the open shower area. Fuck that, I instantly turned around and left.

Now I ask this, is that open shower concept normal, or am I strange?! I'm not big on cleaning my ass and balls in front of someone else, even if they are not paying attention. Is it that much more expensive to put up some shitty walls to give a person their own personal showering experience?! I'm just saying...