Thursday, February 12, 2009

Could Punxsutawny Phil have been wrong?

The date, February 2nd, 2009

The place, Gobbler's Nob

Punxsutawny Phil sees his god damn shadow, which can only mean one thing... Six more weeks of winter!

However, looking outside it would appear as though Spring is already here. Actually going outside seems even more Spring-like, as snow is melting and temps are rising. It sort of reminds me of when you would first get Spring fever back in college and skip a couple of days worth of classes to do anything outside. Usually, for us, it was sports related, like playing some basketball on the outdoor courts or maybe going for a hike. Now, I'm not sure we are there yet, in fact, I would bet that we aren't, but here are some signs that we are getting closer...

Pitchers and catchers start today in Major League Baseball. I know it won't happen, but maybe this will take the conversation away from steroids, and get people talking about the actual game!

Maine High School basketball tournament is underway. This was always the first sign of Spring for me, as Bangor always had less snow than us County folk, so it at least seemed like Spring was on the way. I'm hoping to catch a few games this year, especially if the Fort Fairfield boys or girls advance. Both are well positioned for a long run this year!

The annual flow of water into our basement. We have, somewhere in the wall/chimney, a crack that allows just a small amount of water to pass through at a time. When we have a lot of rain or snow melt, we take on some water in the basement. This hasn't happened yet, but I feel like it is going to happen soon if this weather keeps up.

All this being said, we have snow forecasted for next Thursday through Saturday, never mind, Punxsutawny Phil was right!