Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I brew, do you drink?

As we inch closer to spring, I am getting the itch to brew up some new beer. I keep picturing sitting around a fire pit sipping some fine Back Cove Brewing Co. beers with friends. The only problem right now is what kind of beer are we all sipping?! As usual, I have it narrowed down, and need your help. I'm thinking I want to have a couple of choices ready for the warmer weather, so I offer you these options. Please give me your feedback...

White Ale - something similar to Allagash White. Something light and cloudy, with a citrusy hint to it.

Pale Ale - My last brew was intended to be an strong IPA, but came out very PA. Really enjoyed it, and would compare it to Gritty's Pub Style.

IPA - I have a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA knock off recipe, and seeing that this is one of my favorite beers, I would love to copy it! Plus I will be talking to Sam Calgionne, owner of Dogfish, soon about seeing if I can get a copy of the 90 Minute IPA recipe. See what happens!

Wheat Ale - I always toss this one in around summer time. A good wheat is great in the summer time. There is always the option of copying Sea Dog BluePaw or Pete's Wicked Strawberry Wheat. These are great summer beers, and fun to try to copy.

Porter - Never made one, and would love to try it sometime. May be better suited for a fall or winter brew.

______ - Write in candidate. If you have something else you would like to try, let me know.

Everyone should vote for 2. Most votes wins! Stay tuned for results, as I will be posting this on Facebook and MySpace too...