Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The night I was seduced by a local celebrity...

Friday night, there was a group of us that celebrated the birthday of one of our good friends, Nick. We started out at he and Rachel's place, chowing down on a variety of yummy eats followed up by some tasty birthday cake. We headed down to one of the local Irish watering holes for a night of Guinness pints and 90's cover songs. We spent most of the evening upstairs, telling stories and catching up with friends. Sometime around the midnight hour, we decided to make an appearance downstairs and hit the dance floor. Now, when I say that, of course, what I mean is that ladies in the group wanted to dance and the fellas were totally cool with watching from the sidelines.

Now, it's been said, on multiple occasions, that I have a way with the "cougars". For those of you who don't know what a cougar is, it is defined as a middle-aged woman who seeks out much younger men, or, simply an attractive older woman. I seem to find an older (and by that I simply mean 5 plus years older than me) women wherever we go. At a local beer festival we always go to, the woman behind the taps liked me so much she would bring me to the front of the line any time she saw me, and even had me pouring beer for myself by the end of the festival. Well, my "cougardar", as Nichole calls it, was in full effect Friday night as well.

There I was, standing at the back of the dance floor area of the bar. I was slowly sipping my final Guinness of the evening, enjoying watching all the people bounce around the room. Suddenly, a woman walks up to me and says, and I quote:

"why aren't you dancing?"

Those of you that know me know that I am not a big dancer. I'll get out there from time to time, but I'm just as happy taking it all in. So, I quickly come back to her with:

"I'm just watching, no need for me to dance."

"Is that a fucking challenge?!" is her immediate response.

At this point, I'm grinning from ear to ear, because this is freaking hilarious! When Nichole comes by to see if I am interested in joining her and friends I tell her the story, and she insists that I go dance with her. I weave my way to the front of the dance floor, where my new friend is dancing with her lady friends, and as she sees me she smiles and we start dancing. We enjoyed the grooves of several songs, got a few pictures snapped of us, and she even grabbed my beer for a sip at one point. After about 4 songs, the lights came on and the music stopped. She smiles and says she knew she could get me out there. I flash her a grin and tell her she is lucky, I don't dance often.

Of course, this was all in good fun, both she and I are happily married. But I ask one question, was I seduced, or was I threatened? Either way, what a fun story it has been to retell. I purposely left her name out of my story here, but you can decipher who she is by checking out the picture and then watching the local NBC morning news, I'm just saying...