Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can someone please explain something to me, please?

Last night was the State of the Union address presented by President Barrack Obama. He came out and admitted some things haven't worked the way he had hoped, he understands that the American middle class feel like he isn't speaking to them, and he can see that there is a clear division between the right and the left. This became more and more evident as the night went on. He then went on to touch on many key points that he plans to work on, including, but not limited to, creating more jobs, giving tax breaks to both small and large businesses, bringing troops home by late summer, getting rid of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, as well as picking back up health care reform. He asked for patience, reminding everyone that he campaigned for change, and that it wouldn't be easy, or happen quickly.

I thought he did a great job. He had stern words for both Democrats and Republicans. He pleaded both sides to get together and work hard to come to resolutions, not to just say no because they can, or to push their own political agendas. I feel like he did more to speak to the heart of America, the middle class. He touched on ways to encourage small business owners to create more jobs. He seems to realize what needs to be done with regards to health reform, and has hopes that both sides can get together to come up with the best possible solution.

In watching last night, there was a clear divide in the room. Based on my facebook friends status updates, and the subsequent comments, along with scanning some of the cable news networks, there is a lot of contention and negative comments. Now, here is my question. What would you have said differently? He touched on all the points the right have said he is ignoring. He plans to continue pursuing items the left side are interested in. He wants to get the final 10% of Americans back to work and see that we all have affordable health care that covers any condition we may have. He wants to see more jobs stay in the United States and pull our troops out of a war they should have never been a part of. Can someone please explain to me what the problem is here? I have heard one negative comment after another from the right side, with no real suggestion on what should be done. "Just a lot of bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah from Obama, do you get the picture????" or "I am sorry but I did not vote for socialism". OK, so then what would you do differently?

I am absolutely sick to my stomach watching people spew venom around with regards to the leader of our country. He has been in office for one short year. He walked into a mess and it has been a very difficult year. I'm not sure what people expect. I agree that more needs to happen, but I will reserve judgement for later on, once he has had more of a chance to follow through with some of his plans. I REALLY want to see people on each side come together, quit the name calling and finger pointing, and work on making our country the best place to live. I'm just saying...