Monday, August 17, 2009

A wedding, a trip to the E.R. and a few beers at a gay bar, another low key weekend.

This past weekend was one of the hottest weekends this summer, hands down. Temps were in the high 80's, probably up to the mid 90's at different points. Sounds like a great start to the weekend, right? Well, it was definitely an interesting start to the weekend, which was a bit all over the place, to say the least. Nichole and I headed up to Bangor for her little brother's wedding on Saturday, needing to get there by 5:00 for the rehearsal dinner. We arrived about 20 minutes late, as usual, and finished with the walk thru. After, we were all heading over to Margarita's in Orono for the dinner portion of the program. This is where things didn't go quite as planned. On our drive up north, I received a phone call from my doctor's office, and they told me that I needed to get myself to the emergency room as soon as possible, just to get some tests done, as I have continued to feel like shit for about two weeks. Earlier in the day I called to complain again of stomach cramping and nausea. Now, my primary care physician doesn't really know me, as I am a new patient of his, so as a precaution, he thought it would be good to go in and get some tests done immediately just in case. That being said, I spent 4 full hours in the E.R. on Friday night. Did the usual pissing into a cup and got some blood work done. The best part of it all was just resting in the little hospital bed watching the Red Sox game for a little over two hours. This was the longest I had relaxed in way too long. By the end of my visit, the doctor basically told me I was fine, and that I need to relax. Apparently I have a bit of an anxiety issue. When I was done, I called the wifey (who had gone to dinner, and then out for drinks with her family) to come pick me up. She was over in Old Town hanging out. Now this made me jealous, as this is the exact reason I was spending time in the hospital and not her. She has it figured out, and I am starting to take notes.

After a night of about 10 hours of sleep, I wake up refreshed and ready to climb into my black tuxedo and stand in the sun for a few hours. It is hotter than hell, first thing in the morning, not a good sign. Fortunately, the actual wedding isn't until 5:00 that evening. The ceremony is perfect, with the exception of the blazing heat. We go through the usual post ceremony photos, then head on into the reception, where they have a very tasty buffet spread set up, and some fairly cheap beers at the bar. We dance the night away, seeming to almost scare away the bride's side of the family. Late into the reception, some drunken douchebags from the reception next door find their way to our ballroom, and slug down a couple of beers before they are quickly escorted out before a few of us toss them out the front windows. The reception ends sometime around 10, and some of us want to keep the party going, so we head down town to the local Irish pub for some fine Dropkick Murphy-like tunage and many more rounds of beers. Problem with this being, the pub, Paddy Murphy's, was about the same temperature as the surface of the sun. We see from the window a bar across the street with plenty of available outdoor seating, and decide to head on over. On our way in the door, we are approached by a couple of men seeking donations to help benefit a local gay and lesbian organization, and the bar was occupied with a large number of short-haired women and rainbow bracelet wearing men. Not exactly the scene we were looking for, but the beers were flowing and we had a perfect table outdoors. Oh, and at this point, I'm pretty sure we were all feeling too damn good to even care!

So, needless to say, it was another interesting weekend for Marcole. After everything was said and done, we had lots of fun with family and friends, and even got our brakes fixed! This weekend may be just as wild, as we are heading to Boston for the Red Sox and Yankees game with good friends Ben and Heidi (also known as Bendi). Let's see if I can bank some sleep this week, just in case!