Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seriously?! Brett Favre?! Go away!!

Well, for what feels like the 8th season in a row, Brett Favre has decided that he really misses hearing his name on tv and radio and has unretired again. It's really only the second time, but come on dude, it's getting so damn old. Favre, after telling the Minnesota Vikings he wasn't coming back, apparently had some sort of revelation, or realized how much he hated being around his family, and signed a two year deal with the Vikings for 25 million bucks. Now, he can say whatever he wants, and you can believe him, but you should realize he is full of crap, and he came back for one reason, and one reason only, revenge. He is still hurt that Green Bay didn't make him an offer to stay when he retired the first time. News flash Brett, they were sick of the whole plan for a season without you, oh wait, you are going to play bullshit you kept pulling. Everyone knows you don't know when to walk away and will keep playing, quit turning this into a yearly soap opera. I would love to see Minnesota go 6-10 (sorry to any Vikings fans out there, nothing against them, I just can't stand Brett Favre) and miss the playoffs, all while Aaron Rodgers carries Green Bay to the top of the NFC North standings.

Now, don't get me wrong, Brett Favre was an amazing quarterback in his prime, and is obviously a lock for the Hall of Fame. I'm just so tired of hearing his name every 3 seconds on the television and radio. Everyone seems to think he will have a great season and lead Minnesota deep into the playoffs. Well, I'm pretty sure that if I had some protection, I could even get them into the playoffs. All you have to do is hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson and get the hell out of the way. Toss an occasional pass to Bernard Berrian or rookie Percy Harvin. Though, to be honest, Favre, at like 75 years old or whatever he is, is still a better option than Sage Rosenfels. I'm certain even I could start ahead of Rosenfels! Anyways, get your PBR ready and take a big old sip every time you hear "Brett Favre" on ESPN for the next few months. You won't be sober again until about April, just in time to hear rumors about whether or not he will retire again, I'm just saying...