Friday, August 7, 2009

Let's make a deal, or not.

So, word on the street is that television show "Deal or No Deal" is in South Portland hosting auditions to appear on the show with the highly germaphobic Howie Mandel. It's been kept pretty quiet in an attempt to not have too many people show up, which seems rather odd to me for an open audition. Anyways, I heard this from a co-worker of mine, one in which is planning on going, sees it as her best way to make it rich. This brings two questions to my mind...

1) What are the odds of actually winning on Deal or No Deal? I mean, statistically speaking, wouldn't your odds be better to win on scratch tickets or at BINGO? I don't think standing in line for hours to attempt to win a chance to be on the show is really worth my time, seems like a time fuck (a complete waste of time - soon to be in the Marcole dictionary, seriously, I'm working on it).

2) This employee, whose name I will not use, is not technically an American citizen. Wouldn't that be bad if she did make her way through the audition, and actually made it onto the show, and somehow beat the odds and won money?! They tax the winnings, and if you are not a legal US citizen, how does that work? Seems to me that she would be doing herself more harm then good by attempting to "make it rich" as she put it.

At the end of the day, I think it would be a blast to be on a game show, but I would much rather be on The Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune. I don't intend to spend a few hours of my time sitting in line to audition to hang out with Howie Mandel though, I'm just saying.