Thursday, July 30, 2009

Could it be?! Are you really a douchebag?!

I love the word douchebag. It has a great ring to it. I use it often, especially when referring to people that cut me off in traffic or athletes on rival teams, be it teams I am playing against, or players from teams I don't like (ie. Alex Rodriguez is a douchebag). I recently found a couple of internet related items that help further determine whether or not you yourself are a douchebag.

This site is good. You type in your name, and a few other tidbits of info and the site will tell you whether or not you have a douchebag name. Don't be scared...

The other site refers to your hair, and whether or not your hair style makes you a douchebag or not. Let's just say, if you spend more than an hour on your hair, and spend more than, say, $10 a month on hair products as a dude, you are probably a douchebag.

And just for good measure, check this site out. We all know somebody that should be photographed for this site...