Friday, July 17, 2009

If you were wanted for gambling debts, where would you hide?

Antoine Walker, former chucker for the Boston Celtics, was wanted by Las Vegas authorities for gambling debts creeping up on $1,000,000 that he owed to three different casinos. This news has been all over sports radio and on ESPN for the past couple of days. Most people would hide out under an assumed name in a hotel, or reach out to the authorities and let them know you are working on getting the money. Walker decided to ignore logic and head to a casino, where he was later hauled out in handcuffs.

Walker apparently is on the hook for passing 10 bad checks, 6 to Caesars Palace and 2each to Red Rocks Casino and Planet Hollywood. I realize athletes and celebrities play by a different set of rules, but come on. Last December, just 8 months ago, Walker was bought out of his contract with the Memphis Grizzlies for $8,835,000. Um, where the hell did all that money go?

Antoine was one of my favorite players back when he was with the Celtics. He would mostly camp out behind the 3-point line and huck bombs up, but he was entertaining if nothing else. He created the Walker Wiggle, which I'm pretty sure I used once or twice in men's league (I know, weak). Now he is in police custody, owing about a million bucks to a handful of casinos. Interesting how life turns out sometimes, I'm just saying...