Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trade deadline is fast approaching, anybody want to make a deal?

The MLB trade deadline is Friday afternoon, and the internet is a frenzy with potential deals. Being a Red Sox fan, it is great to hear that they are linked to a few big name players that could provide an instant impact.

All this trade speculation makes me want to take part in it. Here is a list of things that I am looking to trade, give me your offers...

1) 2001 VW Jetta. She looks good, and doesn't have too many miles on her. However, she won't start. Looking to get at least a case of decent beer for her. Would prefer anything Dogfish Head or Geary's HSA, but would settle for PBR if necessary.

2) Push lawnmower. This work of art is only a little over a year old, has a mulching bag, and I will throw in a nearly empty gas can along with it. Downsides are that it has never quite run properly, and will overheat often. Hoping to trade it straight up for a box of Ring Dings and a can of Red Bull. My thoughts are this would give me enough energy to cut the lawn with some pruning shears next time.

3) 4 year old male cat. Tyson is a very affectionate, well groomed male cat. He loves to snuggle and will even occasionally play fetch. However, recently he has decided that his litter box is no good and he will only drop deuce in dirt that he removes from plant pots and on my white t-shirts. I'm pretty sure I can get at least a legal pad of paper and a box of paper clips for him.

4) Softball cleats and glove. Cleats, size 13, have only been used three times and glove is practically new. Both are Nike, and very nice. Would love to use them myself, but either the weather sucks or I am out of town. If you offered me an umbrella or a free vacation day, I would probably take you up on the offer.

Again, I am open to all offers, I just noted some thoughts on what I would like to get in return, and I realize I asked for a lot for some of the items. I just want to feel like I am part of this whole trade season, anyone want to play along?