Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Craigslist, the entertainment fix I needed...

Good friend, and fellow blogger Hokie recently wrote about his frustrations with using Craigslist to sell furniture before his big move. I too had a frustrating time using Craigslist attempting to sell some tire rims a few years back. However, Craigslist can also provide some amazing entertainment, and it doesn't take much searching to find it. On the left side of the front page, down towards the bottom, there is a link to the "Best of Craigslist". Here is just a few of the great posts found on the site from around the country...

The girl who took a dump in the Art Institute parking lot! - m4w

FOUND - Briefcase w/ Odd Items

Taxidermied hamsters for sale

Husband wants a rusty trombone for his birthday

Fun times. Enjoy.