Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What the hell just happened?!

So, we got a new movie from Netflix last night, pretty excited to see what it was, since I couldn't remember. Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. Huh. Really?! I'm pretty sure, in fact, I'm certain that isn't a movie I would have put on the queue. Nichole is looking at me in shock. Apparently the movie is about some dude who just broke up with his boyfriend and is now chasing after another guy from his college that swears he is straight. Why the hell would we select this and how the hell did this end up in our queue?! In fact, I didn't even realize you could get movies like this from Netflix! What is great is that Kerrigan was with us, and I'm so thankful she didn't ask to open it like she usually does. That would have been more than a little awkward!

My first thought is that someone at Netflix sent us the wrong movie in error, so I jumped on the computer when we got home to see what was going on. Nope, our queue is now full of foreign films and homosexual flicks, as well as Queer As Folk and The L Word, a couple of HBO miniseries. Clearly we were hacked some how, as these are not films we would ever even think of putting in there. Not that there is anything wrong with them, just not something we are in to. I had to delete about 20 movies and change our password, hoping this would never happen again.

In other fun news, one of our cats, Tyson, has all of a sudden forgotten how to use his litterbox, shitting wherever he sees fit. We are hoping it isn't a reocurrence of his urinary tract infection, as this will set us back a great deal. He would basically have to be turned into a female cat, and we are looking at a cost of $1200+, which isn't exactly in the budget. Let's hope he is just being a douchebag, and that nothing is wrong with him. We also have a water in the basement issue, thanks to the never ending rainfall over the past couple of weeks. I have attempted to shop vac it up, only to have the vacuum tell me to stop, by spitting water out the back of it. Knowing that things typically happen in three's, let's hope this is it for bad news for us, I'm just saying!