Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from the dead...

After taking about a month off, I'm back and ready to roll. I had gotten to a point where my brain was completely shot from staying up late watching my beloved Celtics work through the playoffs. Now that, sniffle, the season is over, I'm able to get a few minutes of sleep and recharge my battery. However, I'm not much use for anything today, I'll be honest. I have some sort of issue with my heel, so I'm limping around the office like a zombie. Figured that I would just ease myself back into this blog thing today by just tossing some random thoughts at you. I'll be getting back into the swing of things tomorrow...

I had an awesome Father's Day weekend. We hit up the Taste of Brunswick on Saturday with my parents, sister and a handful of good friends. Enjoyed some great food, danced to some good music and spent time with some great people. Sunday we went and played mini golf and lost an extra inning softball game before heading home to grill up some chicken and cook some s'mores over the fire before crashing (despite Kerrigan's best efforts to make the night last forever). Such a great weekend with my two favorite ladies and others.

Has anyone else noticed that Shawn Moody, an Independent hopeful for Governor, has a major unibrow? I mean, full on, real deal, bushy unibrow. It's like the spot in between his eyebrows decided to grow a beard, and a think one! Oh, that reminds me of something, could we use his excess unibrow hair to clean up the oil that those fools at BP have spilling all over the Gulf? The positive PR that Moody would get from that would be amazing!

I find it impossible to like Kobe Bryant. He is such a smug jackass. He is one hell of a basketball player, I'll give him that, but holy crap he is a major bag of douche. Can someone please let me know when it is safe to watch ESPN again, I really don't want to see his face until next basketball season. Oh, and to Curtis, my mailman, please don't deliver that issue of Sports Illustrated, I don't want it.

To everyone that is going to "chill poolside" or "hang at the beach" on days like today can bite me. Oh, alright, I'm just really jealous, that's all.

How is everyone feeling about the World Cup? Are you watching, following along or could you give a shit? I'm following at this point. I know how everyone is doing, but I haven't really watched any, with the exception of the US games so far. Speaking of, can anyone tell me what the hell was called against the US that caused that third goal not to count?! Let's just be thankful it was in the early part, not later on!

Day 47 of the Marcole mower situation. May be time to suck it up and buy a new one. Not sure how many more times I want to weed whack that amount of grass in the hot sun! Damn you mower, you may have won!

Anyways, I'll be back to regular ranting and raving tomorrow. Just had to ease myself back into this. Hope you have all been well in my absence, and I'm ever so sorry to leave you all hanging. I'm back! I'm just saying...