Monday, June 28, 2010

Who is more stuck up, golfers or boat owners?

Had an absolutely fantastic weekend, recap below...

Took Friday off and hit the links in Wells thanks to some great friends and the passes they got me for my birthday. Nichole and I had a 12:50 tee time at Old Marsh Country Club, and guess what, we were on time! We head into the pro shop to get ourselves all set up, I tell the guy behind the counter who we are and let him know we are there for our 12:50 tee time and he looks at me like I have twenty five heads. Apparently he didn't believe that I had called and set up a tee time because there was a members only tournament going on at 1:00, and they just wouldn't have told me to come down. Well, my blood pressure instantly hits an all time high, since we both took the day off and drove to freaking Wells to play! The dude just basically called me a liar and told us we were not going to play. For fear of jail time, I decide not to dive over the counter and tear this guy a new poop shoot. He finally tells us to go grab a beverage and he would try to work something out. About 20 minutes later he comes and grabs us and tells us we are good to go. They send us out to the 8th hole, ahead of the tourney, and we are on our way. Was that so difficult? Weather was beautiful, course was very nice, and we played well enough to not throw our clubs into the nearest pond, though the thought crossed my mind a time or two. Thanks again everyone that chipped in for the passes!

After golf we drove back up Interstate 95 to go to Novare Res to meet for a surprise birthday get together for good friend Amelie. I set up the surprise by telling her we would be out of town that night, so we wouldn't be able to see her, which got her more than a little angry at us, but it was all worth it! We hung out at Novare for a bit before heading on down to Bull Feeney's for a quick beverage there and off to Bubba's for some fine dancing, 80's style. Now, I'm not much of a dancer, and my legs have been hurting me something awful lately, but we tore up the flashing dance floor until closing time, leaving me VERY sore and very tired!

Saturday was a bit of a wash for me, mostly lounged around the house, cleaning up a little and watching the US Soccer team lose a tough game in the World Cup.

Sunday was a great day. Got up slowly and heading south for a softball game, which we cruised to a 20-1 victory against the Destroyers (may want to rethink that name). Next on the agenda was kayaking around, but apparently, according to the Asian man on Mackworth Island, there is "no ka-yaking allowed". No biggie, we took Yawkey for a nice stroll around the island, giving him ample opportunities to jump in the water and cool off. Next we went to the town landing in Yarmouth, dropped the kayaks in the water and tooled around the mouth of the Royal River for a bit. Being out on the water like that is one of my favorite things to do, and we don't do it nearly often enough, so it was fun to get out there.

As usual, I need a day off to rest from the weekend! This week should go by quickly, it's another busy one, then it's another long weekend! Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well, not it's back to the grind. I'm just saying...