Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ever have one of those dreams, you know, one that makes zero sense?

I'm not one to remember what I dreamt about, in fact, I rarely ever can recall what happened in my dreams. Last night was different, but before your head goes into the gutter, it wasn't one of THOSE dreams. I woke up this morning, in my typical early morning haze, but this time I actually woke up scratching my head. This may have been one of the oddest dreams I've ever had, ever!

The way I remember the dream starting was with me meeting with a Broadway director discussing the opening scene of an upcoming musical. We are discussing who will be playing what part, and how many people are necessary to perform this correctly. There are dancers, singers and lots of extras running around the set. The director and I go back and forth for a bit, then I remember leaving, as did everyone else, for the day.

The next morning we are practicing on a farm in the middle of the woods, there are people everywhere and the opening scene has me, playing the lead role singing "Livin' It Up". Don't recognize that song right away? Well, it's by Ja Rule. I'm playing Ja Rule in a Broadway musical based on his life! I'm the only white person for miles around, and I'm playing Ja Rule in a musical based on his life?! Sure, that makes sense!

Well, we practice all day, and into the night. Some time around 9:00 PM, I notice a couple of really large fires burning in the distance around us. Then another fire ball lights up the sky, and then another. Next thing I know, there is some sort of plane above the farm we are on and it's shooting fire at us! The farm quickly goes up in flames as we all run for our cars and attempt to get the hell out there. As I jump into my Hummer H2 (what else would little man Ja Rule drive, right!) I hear machine guns firing at us. We speed off quickly, and as we are about to turn the corner on the one road away from the farm...

... the alarm clock goes off, it's 6:15 AM at Chateau Marcole, and I'm no longer Ja Rule, I'm back to being me and I'm safe and sound.

Can someone tell me what the bloody hell that dream means? I've had some odd ones before, but I think that one takes the cake, that's just odd! Well, needless to say, I've had Ja Rule songs in my head all morning, and I'm just glad I wasn't playing the lead role in the life story of Elton John or Barbara Streisand!! I'm just saying...