Monday, May 10, 2010

So much happened last weekend, where does one even begin?!

Going into the weekend, I was thinking it would be a fairly low key weekend. There is a lot of outdoor stuff I need to get done, but the weather was looking wet and I figured I would be able to get some minor projects done inside and get out of the house a little do visit with family and friends. Well, it quickly spun out of control, and I am now able to check a few things off the list of "Random Crap Mark Has Done".

Friday night we had invited some friends over to the house to watch the Boston sports trifecta. Well, most everyone either didn't get back to us, or had other plans, and that was probably for the better, especially for the Boston sports fans, as it was plain fugly (f'ing ugly). Fortunately for us, Rori made the trip up for the night. We enjoyed some appetizers and adult beverages late into the evening. Nichole fell asleep, as Nichole often does, on the couch fairly early, so Rori and I decided to watch The Big Lebowski, and play a little drinking game. Each time The Dude took a drink, we took a drink. It started out slow, but I found myself rather intoxicated somewhere around 2 AM, when I ran and dove into bed without saying anything to anyone. This has become my new thing, I just run and pass out, not sure why, but it works for me.

Saturday morning brought rain outside and one nasty hangover inside! I had the cold sweats and a raging headache, damn! For the 100th time I swore to never have another drink again. We move slowly, and eventually head to Freeport to get Nichole to work. I drop her off and head back home to tinker with the lawnmower, weed whacker and get a few other things done. I get cleaned up and head back to Freeport to hang with some friends and watch the Intergalactic Yurt Band at Buck's. The band put on a great show, I tossed back a few tall PBR's and had myself a great time. As the night got a little later, and people got a little more intoxicated, a fight starts to break out. There was a group of guys in from out of town, and they were not all right in the head, trust me. I quickly ran over and grabbed the little man that was instigating things and pulled him aside. He kept telling me that he was fighting in his wife and son's honor, which I reminded him several times was one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. His wife and son were home, safe and sound, and had nothing to do with whatever this knucklehead was looking to fight about. He was drunk and had a nasty case of shortman syndrome. He and his backwoods brethren soon left and the crisis was averted.

Well, I hung around after Buck's closed to help with the clean up efforts, and when everything was all set, Nichole and I drove home her fellow bartender for the evening, who lives right on our way. He invited us in for a beverage and to help him corale all the chickens and geese into their respective coops. That's right, nothing like chasing livestock at 2 AM after a few beers. We have been thinking about getting some chickens, so it was pretty cool to check it all out. We went back inside and started working on some promotional stuff for Buck's until yours truly started to completely expire. I'm working hard to stay awake and then I notice that the clock says that it was 3:30 AM! Damn, we gots to go home! Another night where I run and dive into bed.

I felt great the next morning, despite the short night. We got up, went to the Market at Pineland, got some fresh meats and cheeses, then went to the New Gloucester Community Market, which is a chance for local vendors to sell their wares, be it fresh produce, meats, cheeses or flowers. It was very cool, and we found some really nice flowers for my mother. We went back home, I cooked a wonderful breakfast of farm fresh eggs (from the chickens we hung out with the night before), bacon from a local farm and some Big Sky English Muffin bread (amazing by the way). Refreshed with full bellies, we head down to Portland for our softball game, which we won with a late inning comeback. After softball we headed up to Yarmouth for some fine dining at the Royal River Grillhouse for Mother's Day. We had a great visit, enjoyed our meal and made our way home where we quickly crashed on the couch shortly after 9 PM.

Looking back, it was a great weekend. Like I said, I had every intention to have a low key weekend where I got some things accomplished. It didn't work out quite like that, but it sure was a blast. I would like to think that this week will be a little mellow for a chance to catch up on sleep, but it's already shaping up to be a busy one. I'm just saying...