Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Song lyrics. Art or just ridiculous phrases? Talk amongst yourselves...

I love music. I listen to it all day long at work, it's always playing in the car, and we typically have it playing at home. I like most anything too, with a few exceptions. That being said, I don't really listen to what the artists are saying most of the time, I will usually like a song for the sound of it, or how it makes me feel. For example, I need a little pick me up today, as I am not feeling too hot. I've got some rap bouncing in the background right now, mainly because I need something to keep me going, and some of my usual suspects might cause me to dive head first into my keyboard with a sudden case of narcolepsy. I'm noticing though, that Lil' Jon is just a tad crazy. I mean, have you ever really listened to some of the straight up poop he spits out of his mouth? I guess the worst part is that I, at some point, deemed it necessary to own, my bad.

Listening to "Get Low" by Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz this morning, and I realized that this guy wrote a song about "sweat dripping down his balls" while watching girls at a strip club. And we bought it. If you are bored, read the lyrics, what an illiterate piece of work that guy is. Wow. Clearly Atlanta didn't have a no child left behind policy in the late 80's, cuz dis foo waz left b-hind, fo sho!

Then there is my favorite line from a song (sarcasm for those of you not picking that up), from the song "Smack That" by Akon. "Maybe go to my place and just kick it like Tae Bo, and possibly bend you over, look back and watch me smack that". Really? I mean, first of all, using Tae Bo to get a rhyme in there is priceless, but to follow it up with "possibly bend you over", classy! You find me a girl that wouldn't have her pants charmed right off of her after a line like that. I know, you can't.

My favorite lyrics from a song right now are from the song "Toes" by the Zac Brown Band. This country ditty is kind of awesome (go ahead, make fun of me, but listen to it, and tell me that you wouldn't want to be the one singing the song)! The chorus includes the lines "I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand. Life is good today". Heck yeah, that is a sweet visual, and with winter coming here in Maine, sign me up!

I've been a big fan of Jack Johnson for a while. The smooth sounds are a great way to just chill out and relax. On one of the surfer flick soundtracks he contributes to, he does a cover of the Jimmy Buffett song "A Pirate Looks At 40". The line "Well, I've been drunk now for over two weeks, I've passed out and I've rallied and I've sprung a few leaks" is a favorite of mine. I think it the entire song is something we can all relate to in one way or another.

The new single from Theory of a Deadman, "Hate My Life", listen to it. You will smile, it's funny. Trust me. That is all.

Anyone else have any memorable lyrics they really like? I could go on all day about some of the lyrics out there, but I need to remind myself it is just entertainment. Because some of the crap out there doesn't entertain me, doesn't mean someone else doesn't totally get into it. Seriously though, Lil Jon, nobody cares if sweat is running down your balls, I'm just saying...