Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So many questions, so little time...

A Minneapolis man has been charged with child abuse after allegedly beating his son with an extension cord, burning him with an iron and turning on an oven that the little boy was trying to hide in. The father, 23, according to the criminal complaint, was all huffy at his son, 10, for being in his mother's bedroom.

The boy said he hid under his bed, but his father threatened to kill him if he didn't come out. The boy told police his dad burned him on the leg and arm with a hot iron. When he tried to escape the apartment, the boy's mother allegedly pulled him back inside, where his father whipped him with an extension cord.

The boy said he tried to hide in the family's oven, but climbed out after his father turned the oven on and it warmed up.

The father was arrested by Minneapolis police after admitting he "whooped" the boy and said he had another beating coming and threatened to beat him in front of the officers.

OK, hold on a tic, really?! The father, at 23 years of age, has a 10 year old son! I wonder how old the baby mama is?! If I were the father, I would be teaching my boy not to knock up the nearest neighbor or cousin, since he is almost the right age to procreate apparently. And all this over the little boy hiding in his mother's room. What's going on in there that is so secret? More baby making going on? Mom and dad firing up the crack pipe? I'm a father, I get being frustrated, but turning on the oven? Burning him with a hot iron? What happened to the good old days when dad smacked your ass with a belt or gave you a good spanking? When did branding your kid become the cool form of punishment?

Ah, another fine example of a great role model for kids today. I'm just saying...