Monday, March 30, 2009

My days with the traveling circus...

Every once in a while I have flashbacks to my days in the traveling circus. May sound a bit far-fetched, but it is true. See, as a child, I traveled all over the place with my parents. They were very poor, and were always trying to get creative as to how they would feed and clothe me. Well, since my mother stayed at home with me from birth, she worked with me close to 12 hours a day on perfecting my juggling act. Before I could walk I was able to juggle as many as 6 small rubber balls. I had gotten it to the point where I could start with 3 balls, then I would coo to get my mothers attention to add more balls to the routine. As I got better and better, my mother started searching the globe for a place that would be looking for such a talented little shit. Well, the Icelandic traveling circus (they were actually called the Icelandic Traveling Wilburys (ITW))was the answer to my parent's financial woes. We had a really shitty video camera that we taped my act on, and after one glance they were sold, and we signed a 6 month contract and moved to Iceland. Now, this wasn't a real lucrative contract, but it paid the bills. I spent the next 6 months traveling all over the country of Iceland, juggling for small crowds in smoke-filled bingo halls and moth ball scented auditoriums. I became good friends with the crew of the ITW. We had a bearded lady, of course, as well as the one-armed weightlifter and we actually had a cyclops! What I remember was amazing, and I'm sure the memories will continue to come back more and more over time.

Now, of course this is all bullshit, but can you imagine how cool it would have been!!!