Friday, March 13, 2009

Facebook applications - why?!

So... It has taken me some time, but I think I am finally over my obsession with some of these stupid applications on Facebook. If you are familiar with Facebook, there is a shit ton of them. If you are not familiar, good for you. These applications range from Mafia Wars to Maine Stuff, and all sorts of weird and useless crap in between. My apps of choice have been Pirates: Rule the Carribean, Mafia Wars and Parking Wars. Now, I'm not sure why these silly "games" sucked so much of my time, but I couldn't get enough of them. You don't really do anything, but I couldn't walk away. They sucked me into their world and would not spit me out! Well, I think I have finally kicked the habits. I mean, I still check them out from time to time, but not 4-5 times a day like I once was. This has gotten me thinking, why so many stupid applications?! What is the point of them? Whatever it is, they are such a time suck! I have noticed though, now that I am not playing all these stupid games, what does a person do on Facebook? I guess I could use it for what it is for, like keeping up with friends?!