Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Good to Have a Nice, Reliable Car

I finally got the old Jetta back on the road, after sitting idle in the driveway for just about a year. Registration ran out last June but the inspection is good until next month. I had some tire issues, which has taken me almost two days to resolve, but in the end, was able to get 4 new tires for free (right place at the right time, which never happens to me) and we are in good shape once again. All this got me thinking about all the problems I have had with this car since I bought it back in 2001. Here is a list of issues...

1. Drivers side windown dropped into the door frame 3 different times.

2. O2 sensors have been replaced twice.

3. Battery frooze in it.

4. Lost the key, was never given a spare, then charged $100 for a new one that they didn't program, so when I used it the computer in the engine shut off because it didn't recognize the key.

5. Tree fell on the roof, pushing the moonroof down. Was in the shop for 2 months getting fixed.

6. Had a tire completely shred on me while on the highway, and because they were low profile, it was like $200 for each tire to replace it, cheapest tires possible. Got new rims and tires of a different size!

7. Went to balance the front tire yesterday and nobody was able to remove the lug nuts. All four studded tires turned out to be completely useless from sitting in the driveway so long and had to all be replaced. Fortunately there was another Jetta in the garage swapping out tires and they discarded 4 new tires and the garage gave them to me for free. First bit of good luck with this car in 8 years!

A couple of these problems weren't because of the car itself, but have been costly and time consuming repairs. Also, when the car was still under warranty the dealer kept telling me to ignore the Check Engine light that was continuously on. Then, a couple of weeks after the warranty ended when I brought the car in they gave me a laundry list of problems that needed to be fixed before they would inspect it. I just about shot them. Refuse to deal with dealers from now on.

All this being said, if anyone wants to by a 2001 VW Jetta, I have one for ya!