Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Recent random happenings...

Anyone hear about this Tiger Woods guy? Rumor has it he is regretful for a few "transgressions" that have surfaced recently. The thing is, more and more stories are coming out every day, everyone from porn stars to Waffle House waitresses. I think we are looking at more than a few transgressions at this point! Turns out he isn't the quiet, stay at home guy we all thought he was. It also turns out that I'm one of the few people he hasn't slept with at this point.

Got our first "major" snowstorm yesterday. Mother Nature dropped a pretty, white turd on us. At home we got about 6 inches, while closer to the coast they got mostly rain. It was a fun commute home, and even more fun shoveling heavy, wet snow last night in the dark. I would like to thank the plow guy that cleaned out our driveway while I was sleeping. You saved me a decent amount of outside time this evening!

Tom Brady and his supermodel wifey Gisele Bundchen had a baby boy recently. Turns out they don't have a name for the little dude yet. I'm not sure how you don't have names already picked out, even if you are unsure of the babies sex, but what do I know. Nichole's name for him was Togi. I'm thinking something more like Maximilliano. It's distinct and sounds really important, plus it's kinda strange, which is kind of right on par with other celebrity baby names (think Apple, Pilot Inspektor or Kyd, look them up, I'm serious).

Blue Christmas lights really freak me out. I know I recently mentioned that, but I had a couple of nightmares last night about them. Can someone explain the blue to me?

It's Hot Stove time for baseball, with the Winter Meetings in full swing. The Yankees have already made some good moves, trading for Curtis Granderson and resigning Andy Pettitte. The Red Sox, on the other hand, have been kind of quiet. Sounds like they are looking to trade Mike Lowell to Texas for a prospect. That is sad, based on the fact that Mike Lowell has been great, but the business side of baseball tells me that he has been slowed down by injuries, so getting something for him at this point is a good move. Sox also just signed Boof Bonser to add some pitching depth. Not a significant move, but it will be fun saying Boof all season. Now lets see the Red Sox make some serious moves to make this team better. Spend money or trade prospects, please Theo!!

The Patriots are in trouble. I may be in full panic mode regarding their play lately. They are going in the wrong direction, now only one game up on the Dolphins and Jets. Am I alone here? Is something wrong in Hoodieville? Has Belichick lost a little of his luster? Time for Tom, Randy and company to get things in order and carry this team!

Nichole and I are putting together applications and a video for the CBS show "The Amazing Race". For those of you who haven't seen it, it is reality show that sets up about a dozen duos to race around the world, with the last duo reaching each pit stop being eliminated. What better way to see the world then on someone else's dime! Fingers crossed we make the cut!

So much going on lately, including auditors at the office. Busy week, and weekends are pretty much booked already through the new year. Gearing up for our 5 or so holiday parties over the next couple of weeks. Working hard to keep the yard cleaned up after all this damn snow. No such thing as down time for us, but if we did have some, we wouldn't know what to do with it! I'm just saying...