Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sportsmanship? Nah, I would rather spit on you!

Sportsmanship is defined as "conduct (as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport". Apparently in the Monday night Saco co-ed soccer league, it is defined very differently. As I recall, you all just LOVED how my wife behaved last week during our game. Now, by definition, this wasn't necessarily bad sportsmanship. Last night, however, bad sportsmanship was in full effect, and wifey was not involved.

It was playoff time in our Monday night league. We were once the doormat of the league, losing every game, and usually by quite a bit. We have since put together a pretty darn good team, finishing at the top of the standings the past 3 sessions. With success comes a target. Everyone grows to dislike you for beating them, and brings their best game when they face you. We don't mind, we accept the challenge each and every game. We were awarded a first round bye this week because we had the best record. Our second round opponent was completely over matched, and we dominated them 5-0, including a goal by yours truly. This set up a rematch against our biggest rival in this league, If You Seek Amy, consisting mainly of the establishments employees and owner.

Each and every game we have played against IYSA has been close and full of intensity. Last night was no different. It should also be noted that we had the same official last night as we did last week, and the little gremlin was in no better of a mood. It also appeared to me that the other team may have tossed him a few extra bucks to call it their way. All this being said, we got out to a fairly quick 2-1 lead, just before everything came crashing down around us. By this point, our European ringers were in full on no pass mode, and getting called for pushing about every 10 seconds. I'm not so sure I am in agreement with the opposition or the official on some of the pushing calls. It seemed to me that a few of the plays were all out flops. I'm not a huge guy, but it takes a solid push to knock me down, and one of their guys was on the ground complaining every other play, and he is no small guy. The sad part is, the stupid ref was making the call every time. This is when things completely unraveled for our team, and IYSA pulled away for a 6-3 win.

I knew what was coming next, it wasn't my first time playing these jackasses. I left the field in a near sprint. The finger pointing, name calling and general poop mouth talking began between the two teams. Now, as the winner, you should walk away without saying a word, you just won. This team has a few that are incapable of doing this. This one chick, whose ass is about the size of the short bus she took to school back in the day is the worst of them all. She runs her mouth more than anyone, and doesn't have an ounce of talent to back it up. It would be like me walking into an open heart surgery telling the doctor he is stupid and doesn't know how to do something. I have no right being there, I haven't got a clue how to do what he is doing. This dumb chick comes after a couple of our players after the game, getting in their faces and spewing her usual idiotic crap, at one point actually telling one of my teammates to "f--- off!". Now, I've been watching from afar as this all plays out, and to be honest, I'm not quite sure what happened after this because I took off, wanting nothing to do with that nonsense. Like I previously mentioned, this talentless biotch is one of my least favorite people on the planet, ranking just behind Eli Manning (don't even get me started), and her team just won. Why did I walk away you ask? Well, I feared that I would have spent the night in jail after beating this mouthy turd within an inch of her life. I really can't stand her. Now, of course I would never hit a woman, but I'm not sure she qualifies as a woman, as I have never heard a woman use some of the words she does.

So, back to sportsmanship. Our team definitely took the loss in a rather negative way, and we should have just taken our beating and gone home. However, it was only compounded by the horrible sportsmanship displayed by the winning team, who had absolutely no reason to say a word, they just freaking won! I always thought teams that lost were more likely to conduct themselves in a less than gracious way, but I see more and more where winning teams don't know when to shut up and just enjoy the win. A new session starts next Monday, but I'm wondering if we have played our last game there. At what point is it not worth it anymore? I would love to go out on top, but I think I just want to go away. I'm just saying...