Friday, September 18, 2009

Is he a genius, or the douchebag we all think he is?

Kanye West. I didn't want to talk about you, I really didn't. However, you provide so much material. I mean, you are in the news all the time, and I can only name like 2 songs you have put out. I saw you in a couple of scenes of Entourage, but Marky Mark could have had that TI dude with the computerized voice thingy play that part. You just got nominated for 9 BET awards, but I can't find a person alive that owns one of your albums. By now everyone has heard about your douchey move at the MTV Video Music Awards where you stole the microphone from Country sensation Taylor Swift and told everyone that you thought Beyonce should have won and not her. That was classy my friend, bravo. While everything I see you do leads me to believe you are captain of the douchebag team, I wonder if you may be the smartest person in show business at the same time.

Nope, who am I fooling! While it could be said that your little stunt at the VMA's was all about the publicity, I don't think you are smart enough to think that through, I mean, you did drop out of college due to poor grades, despite the fact that your mother taught there. Dude, that's normal, happens to all of us. Oh, and let's not forget your little "George Bush doesn't care about black people" comment during the Hurrican Katrina relief concert. Really? Is that the time or the place? Or what about the time when MTV picked Britney Spears over you to open the VMA's and you threw a temper tantrum saying they did it because you were black. News flash Kanye, the world doesn't hate you because you are black, that has nothing to do with it. Eveyone hates you because you are a freaking whack job. Give people a reason to like you and they will, but continue to be a selfish nutso who always tosses out the race card and you will be forgotten about quicker than an amnesia victims to do list. I'm just saying.