Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big music festivals, camping and temps pushing 100, just another weekend in Maine - Take 2

After enjoying a great night at Nateva, we were just too tired to even attempt to head back to Oxford for another day of fun in the sun. Instead, Nichole took a cat nap before heading into Buck's for the evening while Kerrigan and I cleaned the car and got ready for our camping trip to Camden on Sunday. After dropping Nichole off at work, monkey and I head home and crash fairly early, knowing we had a couple of fun days still in front of us. We climb out of bed, get ready, and head up the coast for Camden Hills State Park.

For those of you who have never been to Camden before, it's a beautiful little town. It's located right on the water, has an old time feel to it, and is full of cute little eateries and shops. We made a reservation on just the other side of town at the Camden Hills State Park, a nice little camp ground nestled in between the ocean and a handful of trails leading to and around some picturesque mountains and lakes. After checking in, we get camp set up and decided to go for a little hike down to the water. Since it was pushing 100 degrees, we felt a little sea breeze might help cool us down, and Yawkey loves jumping in the water!

While on our walk along the jagged rocks down near the crashing waves, Nichole, who was wearing less than stellar footwear for such an adventure, lost her balance and went crashing into a sharp rock, catching herself with her wrist, cutting it fairly deep, just missing causing some serious damage. I was prepared to tightly wrap my favorite beer t-shirt around it and carry both her and Kerrigan out of there, but it wasn't that bad, thank god! We did, however, decide to cut the hike short and went back to camp so Nurse Better (Kerrigan) could make Nichole all better. This little smarty pants actually packed the band aids and Neosporin, just in case something like this happened. Smart kid!

After getting all cleaned up, we went into town to check out some of the local haunts. Cappy's Chowder House, Peter Otts and the Camden Deli were all great spots. We grabbed a quick snack and a beverage at the Camden Deli, and enjoyed the view of the harbor before heading to Hannaford for band aids, beer and bug spray, a typical threesome of grocery selections, I'm sure. Not hungry, and unsure what we felt like doing next, we took Kerrigan down to the water for some rock skipping and splashing around, just down the road from where we were spending Monday, at a family reunion with Nichole's extended family. On our way back to the campground, we saw a handful of relatives outside, so we stopped in and hung out until almost 10 PM, when we realized we had to run to get firewood for the s'mores we promised Kerrigan!

Now, the temps usually drop in the evening, you know, after the sun goes down. Well, last Sunday was the exception to that rule. It was hot sleeping weather in the old tent. It was almost as if our sleeping bags just came out of the dryer and we were laying under a heat lamp. No better way to wake up then with a touch of the swamp ass, good times. I climbed out of bed, and made a big breakfast for us before tearing down camp while the ladies got cleaned up. I'm already in a full sweat and it isn't even noon yet. Good!

Final day of our camping trip coming up tomorrow. I just love keeping you all on the edge of your seats (at least in my mind you are)! I'm just saying...