Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big music festivals, camping and temps pushing 100, just another weekend in Maine

Last weekend started out like any other weekend. There I was, sitting at work, trying to finish some things up before the whistle blew for quitting time at 1:00 (gotta love a little early release before holiday weekends), when I see a Facebook post from my favorite radio station, WCLZ, about them giving away a few more pairs of Nateva tickets. Just sign up on their page and they will call you it says. Um, duh! I quickly log on to their page and attempt to get a pair of Saturday tickets. In the meantime, I go back to their Facebook page and they have offered the first two responders a pair of Friday tickets as well. Well, guess who got free pairs of tickets to both Friday and Saturday? That's right folks, my good luck continued and Nichole and I were on our way to the biggest hippie fest in Maine this summer.

We rolled into Oxford right around dark, just as Ghostland Observatory are kicking their set into full gear. For those of you who have never seen them, they are basically are the illegitimate love child of the electronic, funk, rock and new wave genres of music. They are a hodge podge of all things great, with a light show thrown in for good measure. Oh, and let's be honest, they are perfect for a hippy show, what with all those crazy kids eating those magic mushrooms and running around with their neon colored glowsticks. I had never listened to any of their music, but I must admit, even without the magic mushrooms in my system, I enjoyed the music. Next up was moe., who I was most excited to see (since we would be unable to see George Clinton or Further on Sunday). I've been listening to these guys for a while, but this was my first time seeing them live, and I have to admit, I got into it. They put on a great show, even bringing Keller Williams up on stage with them at one point. Great night of music, and even got to hang with some good friends while we were there.

By the time we got home Friday night, it was actually creeping up on sunrise Saturday morning. We left Oxford around 2:00 AM and climbed into bed around 3:15, knowing we were getting a short nights sleep, as we were having brunch at my parental units abode for my sister's birthday at 9:00. Well, we took a quick nap and made it to Brunswick on time (which is shocking, I know). We had a great breakfast and were planning on heading back to Oxford, this time with Miss Kerrigan, but my better half had herself a bit too much fun the night before and was running on empty, and had to bartend at Buck's that night, so we opted out and gave our tickets away instead.

What happened next? Check back tomorrow, I've got work to do! I'm just saying...