Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My first eating challenge equals a very fully belly, duh!

To put it mildly, I'm more than a little obsessed with the show Man vs. Food on A&E. I mean, seeing all those crazy eating challenges and all the wonderful and ridiculous meals out there is just entertaining for me. Seriously, how does one get a job like that?! I spent my teenage years eating my parents out of house and home, but is that a good thing to put on a resume?! Well, I'm not so sure it is in the cards for me, but that won't stop me from checking out some of the same spots as Adam Richman from the show, starting with Eagle's Deli in Boston, my new favorite burger joint.

Nichole and I recently made a trip to Eagle's with the Flynn's. It was a maiden voyage, and I had every intention to start with the smallest challenge on the list, the Nick Lachey (yup, that Nick Lachey) Burger. It's a one and a half pound burger with 6 slices of cheese and 6 slices of bacon with a half pound of fries. Well, I got to the counter to order it and totally chickened out. This past Monday though, I was determined to get it and put it down, so we made a return trip.

Well, my buddy Ryan and I eat took on the smallest of the challenges, and were surprised with how much damn food even this challenge was! 3 half pound patties, dripping in grease, covered in American cheese and bacon and a pile of fries. DAMN!! Ryan nearly quit at first sight, but chugged along and put the whole burger down, choosing to break it up into sections, since it was too damn big to take a normal bite out of. I did the same thing, cutting it in half and attacking on burger at a time. I was able to finish off the burger just ahead of Ryan, but neither one of us was able to do too much damage to the fries. That was a lot of burger, and I'm not really sure how anyone could finish the Eagles Challenge, a 5 pound burger with 20 slices of cheese, 20 strips of bacon and 5 pounds of fries! The burger is VERY good, but that is just crazy!

I plan on making another trip to finish what I have started, I can't let that pansy Nick Lachey finish all that food and not finish it myself, that's embarrassing! I'm just saying...