Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey honey, can you grab me a coffee from town, oh, and don't forget to bring your gun?!

Supporters of the right to openly carry firearms are planning a public event Sunday, April 25, in Portland. That's right, a rally, across from the Back Cove Hannaford, where people will be there to support the right to openly carry a gun. I'm all for sane people owning guns, assuming there is some sort of background check done prior to purchase. What I'm not all for is people carrying them around on their belt as if it is a damn cell phone or pager. Am I alone here? Does this not seem to be a potentially slippery slope?

It turns out that it is entirely legal in the great State of Maine to openly carry a firearm. I don't mean that rifle in the back window of Joe Buckhunter's Ford F150, I mean it's totally legal for Johnny Quickfingers to openly carry a gun around town. In Maine, you don't even need a permit to openly carry! Now, that doesn't mean that individual locations can't tell you to leave it in the car, but people are working towards making it completely legal to be able to carry it anywhere you go. Perhaps I am missing something here, but what exactly is the need to carry a gun? Doesn't that only encourage the possible use of said firearm? What happens when Billy Notsosmart forgets to put the safety on and takes a chunk out of Little Suzy's leg at the park? And for what reason, so you can make up for your lack of manhood? Go buy a Hummer toolbag, you don't need to carry a gun around.

I'm sure people will come back with all sorts of reasons why this is no problem and that I'm only making a big deal out of nothing. I will finish with this quick reminder. Guns don't kill people, idiots with guns kill people. I'm just saying...