Monday, September 20, 2010

Are you gaga for Gaga?

Lady Gaga is apparently hanging out in Portland today, headlining a rally at Deering Oaks Park regarding the repealing of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Democrats are working to repeal DADT, while John McCain and his fellow Republicans are working to keep it on the books by threatening a filibuster. Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are seen as extremely important votes for the Democrats, so Lady Gaga is hoping to influence them by appearing in Portland today. What sort of crowd will show up? Will the park be full of tweens and screaming young girls that love "Poker Face" or "Alejandro", or will supporters of this cause be on hand to help encourage Snowe and Collins? Should be an interesting afternoon in Deering Oaks park.

Now, on the subject of Don't Ask Don't Tell, I read the article in the Portland Press Herald regarding Lady Gaga coming to town. Basic story, giving some information that would be helpful to the reader. Then, as usual, I scroll down to read the comments and BLAM! It appears that gay bashing is still alive and well in Maine, oh good. What the hell is wrong with people. If a perfectly able bodied gay man or woman wants to serve in the military, why should anybody stop them? In the year 2010, we should not be arguing about such things, it should not even be a story. If someone is willing to die for their country, why does it matter what color their skin is, what their sexual preference is or what church they go to? It does not matter, plain and simple. I'm just saying...