Thursday, October 29, 2009

Application Intervention

I'm constantly trying to think of the next best idea for a business. We all want to work for ourselves, right? I mean, I love my job, but the idea of setting my own hours and doing something I'm truly passionate about is a hard concept for me to let go of. When I was a kid I wanted to start a landscaping company, which is sort of ironic now, considering I actually paid someone to mow my lawn once this summer! In the years since then I have had many more ideas, but none of which I have dared pull the trigger on. Starting your own business can be a big risk. All that being said, I have figured out what my million dollar idea is going to be!

I'm going to start a television show called Application Intervention. Think about it, between the iPhone and Facebook, there are literally thousands of applications, many of which are highly addictive. Do you find yourself staying up all night feeding your fish on Happy Aquarium? Do you dream about energy packs from the game Mobsters? Do you hang out with friends discussing which animals got away from you on Farm Town? Do you spend every spare minute launching sheep or pigs? Ignoring your family at dinner time so you can try to beat your score on BeJewelled? Don't worry, you are not alone. Millions of people every day find themselves addicted to useless Facebook and iPhone applications. Heck, I too was once overly obsessed with a handful of them all at the same time. What did I do to get my life back you ask? I had an application intervention.

On Application Intervention, we will discuss your latest obsession, and have guest hosts like Dr. Phil and Samuel L. Jackson do their part to help rid you of your addictions. Have you tried shock therapy? Hypnosis? Do you find yourself sitting at work or school thinking about what you might be missing on your favorite game? If this sounds like you, you are the perfect candidate to either appear on the show or at the very least call in for some much needed help.

I'm pretty sure this is going to be huge! I'm accepting donations to help get this show up and running. Feel free to send cash, money orders, or personal checks (made payable to Mark Stevens). I hope to work out a deal with one of the major networks in the next couple of months. I can't make this happen without you guys though. I know you have your addictions. You may keep it a secret from your friends, but Facebook tells us what you are up to, we know. Don't be afraid to call me, I will help you, I promise. I'm just saying...