Friday, January 30, 2009

You know what really grinds my gears?

The morning commute, especially during the winter, can be a big old bitch sometimes. Take this morning for example. The typical morning commute takes us about 35 minutes. Today took us a smidge over an hour. Why does this happen? This morning there was a small fender bender involving 3 cars, all of which were pulled off to the side, in nobody's way, and traffic never went faster than 22 mph, and that was for all of half a second. Again, I remind you that nobody was actually obstructing traffic. No debris, no copper in the road merging traffic into one lane, just a bunch of douche bags rubbernecking, hoping to see some carnage. Listen up people, rent a damn movie to see some blood, don't ruin my commute with your inability to use your gas peddle properly with the hope that you see someone getting removed from their wrecked car via the jaws of life. I'm on the road because I have somewhere to go.

On a funny note (at least in my head), we did see a woman pulled over to the side of the road and walking through the woods back to her car. I can only assume she was pooping, right?! Her coffee and fiber-filled oatmeal ran through her like a hot knife through butter and with all that slow moving traffic she just couldn't hold it any more. I understand, who hasn't dropped their pants on the side of the road before?