Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have a great idea, let's start another war!

Ok, first of all, I think that is a terrible idea.  It's not a bad idea, it is just horrible.  I mean, we are simply not the world's police.  It's not our job to determine how the rest of the world should act.  Do I agree with how lunatic Gadhafi is treating his people?  Absolutely not.  Do I think the answer is to start dropping missiles on Libya, sure don't.  We are bleeding (no pun intended) money in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, and I would love to see that end too.  Spending money on wars that we have no business getting in the middle of is a fruitless endeavor, in my opinion.  Look around you, we have enough problems here, be it financially or otherwise.  Let's take care of our own first.  I know, what a novel idea!

In local news, Maine is now officially "Open For Business", as the lovely sign was put up, right under the current "Welcome To Maine: The Way Life Should Be" sign.  I'm excited, now everything is open 24 hours a day!  Oh, what's that, that isn't what it means?!  Damnit.  Yes, now I remember, it was Governor LePage's way of saying that Maine was a more business friendly state.  And to prove it, the Tea Party, who funded the new sign, purchased it from a company in Texas.  Great way to start supporting Maine business!

In 2008, a mural depicting the history of labor in Maine was erected at the Department of Labor headquarters in Augusta.  It measures about 36 feet long, and honors those that fought for workers rights in the state of Maine.  In addition, there are several names of rooms in the Labor building that are named after pioneers in labor, including Cesar Chavez.  Well, Governor LePage has demanded that the mural come down, because it is not in keeping with the department's pro-business goals and some business owners complained.  Hogwash!  It's another attempt by Lepage and his gang to slap unions and many of the hard working Mainers in the face.  The mural is paid for.  It is honoring the Maine labor movement, at the Department of Labor.  It's not anti business, and even if it was, it's not in the lobby of the Department of Business, so the reasoning is crap.  How much will it cost to remove and who is paying for it?  I think wanting the mural removed is a distraction from focusing on improving the Maine economy and wanting it removed will now consume resources that could be better spent working on positive solutions rather than on distractions such as this.

While I'm on my rant about the many things that are being done that don't actually promote business in Maine, Governor LePage will be starring in his own reality tv show on Time Warner Cable, called "Inside the Blaine House".  While this sounds completely riveting to me, I don't think it's his way of being open and transparent.  Something tells me it will be his chance to grandstand and have preplanned questions asked of him by people he knows and trusts.  Sounds more and more like this guy likes hearing his own voice, and now seeing his own face on tv can be added to that list.

Please, please, please, can we stop with the ridiculous bills and plans, and actually do things to help Mainer's out?!  I'm not asking for much here.  I would just like to see us all have a chance to work and improve our lives, you know, the whole "American Dream" thing everyone talks about.  Intentionally pissing the other side of the political aisle off isn't getting us anywhere.  Teachers aren't the problem.  Murals aren't the problem.  Let's get our collective shit together and move this great state forward, or we are all going down together.  I'm just saying...