Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birth control? We're talking about birth control?

Birth control?  We're talking about birth control?  Not the economy, not how to grow the economy, we're talking about birth control?! 

See what I just did there?  I took the now famous quote from former NBA star Allen Iverson about practice and made it topical.  Good stuff right there!  But seriously, that's what we are spending all of our time and energy on right now?  Every political talk show is going on and on about the evils of birth control, and legislators are scheming up ways to eliminate it from the menu of what insurance companies provide.  Really?  Something like 98% of women have used at least one form of birth control, however, it is suddenly a horrible thing that needs to be destroyed?!  What are we doing here?  This country faces real problems, and this is simply not one of them. 

To be honest, I think I know what is happening.  See, President Obama has seen his approval rating climb.  Unemployment figures are getting better all the time.  The economy may actually be getting better.  Instead of suggesting that maybe the president is doing something right, it is much easier to create a huge distraction, so people forget about the improving numbers for Obama.  I mean, that has to be it, right?  How in the hell are contraceptions all of a sudden the devil?!  They have been in use dating back to the Egyptians in 1850 BC.  It's not like it's some new, radical thing.  Also, have you noticed that the people leading the charge against contraception are religious leaders and men?  If memory serves, these are the same people that don't use birth control, so what are they getting all huffy about? 

I've got an idea.  Why don't we demonize women, in an election year!  Why don't we let women decide what is best for their bodies, and let couples properly plan their families.  If we are serious about protecting individual liberties, we need to start in the bedroom, and we need to start now.  I'm just saying...